Correct posture is the guarantee of health

Correct posture is the guarantee of health

If you lean against your wall, your shoulders, nape, buttocks and heels easily touch the wall, then, most likely you are a healthy person. If you can reach such a posture with difficulty – then it’s time to take measures to restore the spine.

Now most of the processes at work are automated, and we spend the bulk of our working hours at a desk or computer desk without loosening our backs in the literal sense of the word. Non-compliance with posture directly leads to diseases of the spine and internal organs. When we slouch, our diaphragm is squeezed, blood is stagnant in the internal organs and capillaries.

For the prevention of osteochondrosis, radiculitis and to preserve the youthfulness of the skin of the neck and décolleté area, one must always learn to keep the back straight. After every hour of work at the computer or at the office table, you must do a five-minute break. Make right-left slopes and several rotational movements of the head.

The appearance of the second chin is directly related to poor posture. The skin there is thin, the muscles are weak and if not trained, the skin will lose its aesthetic appearance.

In addition to special exercises to maintain the tone of the neck muscles, such as walking around the room with a book on your head, you need to do cosmetic masks on the chin area. Masks with clay and algae are very effective.

Wise nature generously shares with us its priceless gifts, capable of preserving youth and beauty. The fact is that in this delicate area there is poor blood circulation, and special cosmetic products make the blood circulate faster. Seaweed can rejuvenate the skin even in cases where other cosmetic products recede.

We must always remember that a decrease in the tone of the neck muscles spoil the face, its contour becomes indistinct, vague. To maintain one’s health and preserve beauty, one must always try to keep the royal posture.

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