Correct attitude to yourself

Correct attitude to yourself

Self-confidence is first and foremost a self-relationship, a conviction that everything important for you is within reach. People are not 100% confident in themselves. But, nevertheless, it’s nice to see a woman with her head raised proudly and a beautiful posture, radiating joy, health and happiness. Do you want to become like that? Go through your “confidence ladder”.

To begin with, give yourself, beloved, some time. Sit at the mirror and think: what is your insecurity, what’s wrong? Be as honest as possible, do not embellish or belittle. So you can understand what should be repelled and where to move.

Next, determine what you like about yourself and what you do not. What you like, leave, start grooming and cherishing. What you do not like is converted into a list of goals, finding a positive opposite (instead of shyness – courage, instead of completeness – harmony).

Filter your goals by the following criteria:

-positive formulation, that is, what needs to be achieved, and not what should be abandoned (“slender figure”, and not “lose weight”). It is important that at least one of your friends or acquaintances has already achieved something like this;

-your control zone, that is, the achievement of a certain goal should depend directly on the efforts you make, and not on someone or something, for example, I will not “win the lottery” but “earn”;

– the criterion of achievement: what you see, hear, feel, when the goal will be achieved (“I’m slender and see a tucked up stomach in the mirror, and the hand easily zips up on my favorite jeans”). All your six senses should be clear: you got what you were going to;

-conformity with the context, for example, you have a hard, intransigent character, and the intended work is related to people who need care and support. Achievement of your tasks should not be discordant with the environment;

– “suitable size”, ie, the goal should be related to your capabilities (“to visit one or another country” is more achievable than “to travel the whole world”);

-valuation of resources: which ones already exist and how to acquire the missing ones, for example, you decided to study further. You have: a good basic education, financial opportunities. What do you need to find? Time!;

-ecology: how the result will fit into your world, whether it will not run counter to the rest, displacing or destroying something important and valuable to you, for example, frequent and long trips can become a hindrance to family life and caring for children;

-select a starting moment, so that to learn English, the start can be a record for the course.

Having done this, choose the most simple in reaching the goal and get down to the action. The first steps are important, for only they lead to the goal, and the plans only help to orient themselves. After reaching the chosen goal, go to the next, already more complex.

Reward yourself. Still on the way to the goal, encourage yourself with words of gratitude. Over time, you will notice that as you progress through the list of goals and objectives, you feel more confident. And each next goal will be achieved faster – in fact you have become a more confident person.

The goals themselves are just a tool that will help to form a correct attitude towards yourself, will increase the opportunities that allow you to feel capable of more. This is how you can come to full awareness of yourself as a successful, confident and happy woman.

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