Contraindications during pregnancy

Contraindications during pregnancy

An important stage in a woman’s life is pregnancy. And it is during this period that you need to closely monitor your health. Particular attention should be given to medicines that you may have used before. An extremely negative effect on the hormones of the sexual glands can be provided by preparations based on such herbs: sage, dandelion, sweet clover and others.

With the advent of pregnancy in the body of a woman there are a number of significant changes. In this regard, a woman has to give up her old diet. Very seriously take food, be moderate in eating. Limit yourself in the reception of products such as sea kale, garlic and salt. With edemas, drink tea with cowberry, black currant, hawthorn, hips, linden flowers. It is very important to remember that during pregnancy you just need to forget about alcoholic beverages, as this can adversely affect the development of the fetus. Down’s syndrome, various deformities, nervous disorders – all these are terrible consequences of alcohol dependence of pregnant women.

There are a number of diseases that, according to doctors, should be excluded during pregnancy. In cases of congenital diseases, which can not be cured, the pregnant woman should be under the strictest supervision of the doctor.

Pregnant women should pay attention to cosmetics and personal hygiene products, some may be contraindicated. Try not to visit beauty salons for a while, and even more so to exclude such procedures as massage, spa, electrophoresis.

It is very harmful to the future mother of tobacco, which also negatively affects your child. This applies to passive smoking. It is worth recalling that bathing in the river, the sea, excessive exposure to the sun, during pregnancy, can be very dangerous and lead to an early birth, or to a miscarriage.

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