Comfort zone

Comfort zone

In many journals, books, psychologists’ advice, one can hear the phrase “comfort zone”, which is not clear to everybody, firstly, and secondly, why, on the advice of the same psychologists, it needs to be expanded or completely beyond it. Let’s look into these issues.

A zone of comfort is that sphere, a state of mind in which we feel calm, relaxed, and feel psychological comfort.

With the definition of everything seems to be clear, now the second question – why should it be expanded or left if the person in it is very good?

And to expand it you need then to not be at some point in time in a state of stagnation, regression. Being in the comfort zone, a person ceases to develop, he has no motivation to perform any actions, because he already feels great, but this feeling is very dangerous.

Expanding the zone of comfort or leaving its limits, a person develops internally, gets some new knowledge, gets rid of fears and uncertainty in something, but simply lives a full life of an interesting and self-sufficient person.

How can I expand my comfort zone? There are a few tips:

– to allow oneself to commit acts that do not meet the standards established in society, or are considered unusual, but which do not harm the person himself and others.

For example, in our society it is considered strange if an adult is dressed as a child and behaves accordingly. You can even conduct such an experiment with yourself to remove some settings that prevent you from living the way you want, and you will immediately feel incredible ease and relief.

– Slowly change the usual things and rituals.

For example, if you are used to getting to work on the subway, you can change this by taking a minibus or bus / trolley bus or even walking. You yourself will feel how something in you is changing because of such a seemingly simple trifle.

Do the opposite.

If you are used to doing everything in a measured way, then you can test yourself by doing something spontaneously. If you prefer a business style in clothes, then you can change it, for example, to casual style.

– at some point to refuse to plan their affairs.

To make an unplanned trip, go to the cinema or the theater, call all friends immediately and arrange a party – this is very relaxing, gives tone, and the desire to repeat that quite well.

Staying in a state of stagnation is not very good and boring. Do not be afraid to expand your comfort zone, go beyond some faces, and you will understand how it is, in fact, nice and not at all scary.

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