Cold is better to warn than to cure

Cold is better to warn than to cure

The onset of cold weather is strongly associated with colds. When the temperature of the surrounding air decreases, the body becomes more sensitive to infections and the immunity decreases. For three winter months, almost every person has time to recover from a viral illness. Some people believe that exceptionally cold weather leads to colds and does not take care of their health beforehand, giving in to the will of chance. Some try to take vitamins or drops, but these measures are also not enough. Following simple recommendations aimed at improving immunity, helps to prevent the risk of the disease or minimize it.

First of all, a balanced and healthy diet helps fight for immunity. Synthesis of immunoglobulins, which goes in the body continuously contributes to strengthening the immune system. For a complete synthesis requires the presence of proteins in food, both animals and plants. In addition to accelerating the synthesis, they help improve blood circulation, and increase the strength of bone tissue. Consumption per day of 100 grams of animal and 30-40 grams of vegetable protein will maintain balance in the body.

In addition to protein and fat, the body needs vitamin make-up. The main sources of vitamins are fruits, and it is recommended to eat fruits of the area in which a person lives, and not be fond of exoticism. The best choice will be apples, pomegranates, citrus fruits. A lot of good can bring natural juices. In winter it is better to refuse or to try not to abuse all kinds of food from fast-food enterprises, because there are very few useful substances in such food, the stock of which needs to be replenished daily in the winter.

In addition to food, it is recommended to take balanced vitamin complexes, which supplement the missing in the body minerals and vitamins. It is desirable to have ascorbic acid in the preparations taken, which not only increases the immunity, but also contributes to an increase in the general tone of the body.

At home, you often need to do a wet cleaning, ventilate the premises, it is also worth buying an air humidifier, t. In winter due to the heating season, the air in our apartments is overdried. If someone in the family is still sick, then you will need a quartz lamp OUFK-01 Solnyshko, due to its ultraviolet radiation, air is disinfected.

The most unpleasant disease of the winter period is influenza, which every year acquires new forms, which are harder to cure. The best preventive measure against influenza is vaccination. All opinions about the dangers of vaccination can be attributed to idle fantasies, because this is the only way to immunocorrect the body and prepare the body to fight the disease. One-time vaccination is effective for several months.

Increased immunity contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Sports training, not leading to fatigue, can protect the body from stress, improve tone and charge with vigor and strength. A tired and tired body has less strength to fight the disease, and gets all the chances of getting sick.

It is always better to carefully and seriously approach the issue of taking preventive measures, and improving immunity, than later experiencing malaise and suffering from a cold.

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