Coaching in business. What is it and who needs it?

Coaching in business. What is it and who needs it?

What is coaching about business? First of all, it is the creation of all the necessary conditions for the formation of qualitatively new positive characteristics of a business person. As a rule, such changes help the client to reach a new level of development, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the company and its personality in particular.

What does the business coach do?

Awake the moment of awareness in the client. Asking the right questions, the coach pushes the client to a deep knowledge of their situation. Usually, without the help of the coach, the client does not ask such questions. Receiving feedback during the session, the client develops, identifies and improves his skills, creates a conscious attitude to the situation and a clearer picture of the objective reality, and most importantly – takes responsibility for his actions towards achieving the result.

What can be solved as a result of business coaching?

The range of tasks is very diverse, the most relevant among them:

1. Develop a new business idea

2. Development of a system for the implementation of new projects

3. Improvement of existing projects

4. Defining clear goals and mission of the company

5. Organization of training for special professional skills and competencies and others.

Advantages of business coaching

A) Indisputable advantage is an individual approach to the client, taking into account its basic needs;

B) The maximum effect for a short time period. The duration of the session is only 30-60 minutes.

B) Lack of binding to personal contact person-in-person. Coaching is also conducted over the phone and through video communication. This is especially convenient if you find the coach and client at a great distance (remote coaching, departure on a business trip, etc.)

D) Due to the principle of confidentiality, the client can not be afraid of disclosing information about problems in his business.

E) Encouraging the client to maintain focus on long-term goals, to search for key client resources for their implementation.

How to understand that you need a coach?

The more developed the company, the more often its management team faces new atypical problems and various goals, the achievement of which requires precise and effective action. If you are ready to learn, accept help, develop and develop your company, then you can read here about one of the leading coaches and their methods of work.

Relationship coach-client

When meeting at the first meeting, a contract is necessarily concluded, which describes the main conditions for holding sessions: periodicity, time frames, responsibility of the parties, payment, etc.

The majority of coaching tasks are reserved for about 8-10 sessions. There is also an express coaching lasting one session. It is necessary for the client to take an urgent and urgent decision.

The final coaching session summarizes the results and assesses the results of the work. First of all, it is analyzed how far the goals set at the first session were achieved, what can be done beyond what has been achieved or what actions need to be taken in case of not realizing the tasks set.

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