Coaching as a way to become happier

Coaching as a way to become happier

The fashionable and completely incomprehensible word “coaching” broke into our life just recently. Still some 10 years ago nobody heard about it. So what is it, and what do we need it for?

What is coaching?

This direction in psychology came from the English word coach – coach. That is, coaching is your individual training aimed at achieving your true, and not imaginary, goals. A coach is your personal trainer, who will help you realize your mistakes, and work out with you a program of life priorities that will help you reach the most incredible heights in life.

Your meeting with the coach is called a coach session. The coach asks questions, and you answer them, and the coach does not give any advice. As a result, you increase your self-esteem, drawing conclusions on your own life situation. In the end, and the implementation of your decisions is much easier than if you were given a coach. It is at the first meeting that the instructor learns about the goal that the person has set for himself, and you understand whether this goal is genuine or not. If you want something different from life, then together with the coach you correct and refine many important details of your true goal.

Coaches subdivide their customers into three groups. The first group is a “visitor” – this person simply finds out what coaching and coaching are. The second – “complainer” – the purpose of this person’s visit is simply to talk and complain about life. The third group – “participant” is exactly these people came to a meeting with the coach to solve their problems.

Let’s see, why do we need coaches?

Coaching helps to solve a person’s tasks from the field of personal and business. By education, the coaches of the personal sphere are physicians, psychologists or educators. “Business” coaches usually have an education in management, finance or economics. However, the name of a coach is given to a person by the special education and the corresponding certificate.

Ā«LifecoachingĀ» – life coaching

This kind of coaching will help you, for example, sell the property of deceased relatives, become established in a new collective, publish a collection of poetry, become a boss and so on.

Here is a real story from life: Boris turned to the coach with the problem of getting on in the team. The staff was purely female and did not want to accept their new colleague. After classes with the coach, Boris realized that he was afraid to make a mistake in his work and seem less literate than his colleagues. For two months of training with the coach, Boris forgot about his fear of making mistakes, began to perceive criticism and advice from colleagues and became the department’s trade union department.

“Businesscoaching” is a kind of business consulting

Here is another real story from life: Olga’s business stopped making profits and went to ruin. But at this time Olga inherited from her deceased relative a small house in the city. However, it was not profitable to sell new property, but it is necessary to raise an amount to cover debts on business. As a result, together with the coach it was decided to sell the business, but to save the room; Move to the house and rent out an apartment with European-quality repair. Thus, Olga kept her faith in herself and all her real estate.

So, dear women, do not be afraid of new trends in psychology! If you are pretty beaten by life, or you just began to doubt the correctness of your path – visit a coach session, and together with a professional coach change your life for the better!

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