Climax: the problem of every woman and her decision

Climax: the problem of every woman and her decision

When a woman reaches the age of 45-50 years, certain hormonal changes take place in her body. She enters a serious stage of her life – in the so-called menopause. We will tell in more detail about what is menopause and menopause, what manifestations can disturb a woman at this time.

What is menopause and menopause?

Menopause and menopause are not exactly the same, but, rather, interrelated concepts. Speaking about menopause, doctors imply a complete cessation of menstruation, which lasts at least a year from the date of the last menstruation. Climax is a period that includes the so-called premenopausal, that is, the beginning of irregular menstruation, and actually menopause.

Unpleasant symptoms accompanying menopause

Among the first, most often disturbing manifestations, include an irregular menstrual cycle, sweating and hot flashes, meager or on the contrary abundant periods. No less anxiety can bring such symptoms as mood swings, increased nervous excitability, sleep disorders, fatigue. Often there is a tendency to gain weight or to reduce it. Deep wrinkles can actively appear, the amount of gray hair increases.

How to cope with unpleasant feelings: important tips

Of course, you can not get around the topic of how to get rid of or at least reduce the unwanted signs of the onset of menopause. A healthy woman who prefers an active lifestyle and at least a little watches her weight, nutrition, tolerates menopause quite easily. To do this, you must regularly visit a gynecologist and follow his recommendations.

In the case when the climacterium has already come, to combat the signs of involuntary changes, a gynecologist is prescribed the appropriate treatment. Pharmaceutical companies every year develop new generations of effective drugs. They are designed to reduce sweating, hot flashes, to act calmingly on the nervous system. No less relevant in the menopause and the intake of vitamin preparations.

Remember, such therapy is appointed individually and requires a preliminary examination by a specialist.

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