Cleansing the body at home

Cleansing the body at home

The appearance of headaches, gray complexion, decreased efficiency, unexpected allergies, drowsiness – these are the very first factors of “contamination” of the body with toxins. There are several ways to cleanse the body of unnecessary “garbage”. It is possible to bring your body and internal organs in order by your own means or use the services of a specialist and specialized equipment.

Traditional medicine knows many ways to cleanse the stomach, liver, intestines and complex body cleaning as a whole.


Purification of the intestine helps to reduce the load on the liver, kidneys, lungs. Increases immunity, improves metabolism and digestion.

The most accessible way of purification is an enema. A special apparatus (Eschmarch mug) is filled with one and a half liters of water, then the plastic tip is gently inserted into the anus by 20-25 cm. Such a procedure will effectively clean most of the intestine.

You can also use the seven-day cleaning of the intestines:

1. On the first day on an empty stomach to drink a decoction of hay. During the day, drink only freshly squeezed carrots and beets. To eat on this day is not recommended.

2. On the second and third day, eat only raw vegetables (cabbage, carrots, pumpkin, beets).

3. On the fourth day, only cooked and stewed vegetables without salt are consumed.

4. On the fifth and sixth day in the diet, add buckwheat and oatmeal on the water, honey and dried fruits.

5. The seventh day – bread without yeast, kefir, fermented baked milk, boiled eggs, potatoes, cooked in the oven.


The liver functions as a filter in the body. Its functions are weakened over time, in order to restore normal operation it is necessary to clean at least a couple of times a year.

The day before the liver cleansing, discard fatty, sweet, fried and spicy. On the day of cleansing they eat only porridge, vegetables, drink the best fresh juices. In the evening before cleaning, it is necessary to prepare a bottle of mineral water, for example Borjomi or Essentuki No. 4, 17, leave it open for gases to come out. For the purification of drinking 300 – 500ml of mineral water (which was prepared in advance). Drink small sips, slowly. Then you need to lie on your right side for about forty minutes, attaching a hot water bottle.

Another method of cleaning the liver is similar to the first, but instead of mineral water drink a decoction of herbs: 0.5 tbsp. L immortelle, 0.5 tbsp. L corn stigmas and all this pour 250ml of water. Parallel to the basic cleansing, you can take infusions of herbs, for example, wormwood, dandelion roots, valerian and chicory.

Complex cleansing of the body

Once a year, in the spring, it is necessary to clean the entire body. For this, it is important to observe the following rules within a month:

– Eat sprouted grains of soy, wheat, buckwheat, pumpkin and lentils.

– Add wheat bran to your food.

– Drink half an hour before meals for several tablets of activated carbon.

– Do not forget about the safety rules: do not perform cleaning procedures if the person is sick, if the chronic diseases worsen, during pregnancy! Before conducting any procedure, it is best to consult a specialist. Be healthy!

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