Cleansing the body after winter

Cleansing the body after winter

Winter leaves its imprint on our health and appearance. The fact that the human body is hard to tolerate the cold season, the need to spend a lot of time indoors and eat more caloric, fatty foods. Therefore, by the end of winter, almost all people face a decline in efficiency, weakening of immunity, deterioration of well-being and, of course, problems with appearance. The reason for all these problems is that in the body over the winter a considerable amount of toxins and toxins accumulated, which get into the blood, participate in the vital activity of organs and systems, and worsen our health. It is necessary and possible to get rid of them. How to do it? Read in this article.

Fasting day.

A very effective way to cleanse the body of toxins is a fasting day. But, in order for it to be effective, it must be carried out correctly. Start a day off not with coffee or tea, as you usually do – in the morning it is better to drink a glass of water with honey, it is desirable that it was at room temperature. Throughout the day, it is not advisable to expose yourself to great physical exertion, except for daily warm-up. Also on this day you have to completely give up eating. Every hour, drink at least 300 ml of water or a decoction of chamomile. In the evening if you really want to eat, you can drink a glass of vegetable broth.


The main “focus” of the accumulation of toxins – on the walls of your intestines. During the winter on the walls of the intestine a layer of slime and slag is formed, which prevents the absorption of useful substances, in particular vitamins, in them. Therefore, it is important to clean up the intestines after a discharge day. This can be done in several ways. The first way is to make an enema with the use of a weak solution of baking soda, and the second – to make a salt cleansing. This eastern method of cleansing the body has been used for a long time in non-traditional medicine, but not all of them are shown. It involves washing the digestive tract with a strong saline solution. That is, a person drinks a liter of salt solution (1 tablespoon of salt), which because of the special density is not absorbed into the walls of the stomach and intestines, but passes through them, dissolving everything that accumulated on them.


Most of the toxins can be removed through the skin, namely through the pores. But, for this it is necessary to disclose them and force them to “release” all the harmful. Our ancestors always used a therma for such purposes. A well-steamed body gives about 1 liter of liquid through the skin in one session, and it contains a huge amount of harmful substances, so it is so important to wash them off the surface of the skin. If you use a broom for a bath – the effect will only increase.

Enrichment with vitamins.

After winter, as never before our body needs vitaminization, in order to restore all processes. In order to additionally vitaminize your body, you do not need to use pharmaceutical complex preparations. It is enough to eat only a week of raw vegetables and fruits. If you do not feel satiated, then start the morning porridge, and at lunch eat a light soup, but all the rest of the time – only raw fruits and vegetables.

Soda bath.

Recently, such a procedure as a soda bath has become particularly popular. But, she has both her supporters and opponents. In fact, the principle of the action of the soda bath is extremely simple – because of the accumulation of toxins, acid-base balance is broken, and soda, which is absorbed through the hot pores, normalizes the level of acid in the body and neutralizes toxins. Apply this procedure not more than once a week.

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