Chronic hyperhidrosis: methods of fighting

Chronic hyperhidrosis: methods of fighting

Excessive sweating is a serious problem that many people simply underestimate. In the hot summer, I do not want to pay attention to severe sweating, which is considered “normal”. People start worrying about this in the fall and winter, when they discover that the problem does not resolve itself. Hyperhidrosis – a pathological condition of the body, which involves dysfunction of the sweat glands. It is worth paying attention to the treatment of this ailment.

The action of natural ingredients: two in one!

Numerous antiperspirants can not solve cardinally the problem of excessive sweating. This is an ailment associated with the extensive spread of bacteria and the disruption of the sweat glands. To get rid of an aesthetically unpleasant problem, you can use the drug NormaDry complex action. It is a spray and a remedy for external use. The two bottles contain natural native ingredients that fight the disease without adversely affecting the body. The mechanism of action of the drug is as follows:

After applying the spray to the cleansed skin, up to 99 percent of the pathogenic bacteria are destroyed and the unpleasant odor is neutralized;

There is an additional softening and deodorization of the dermis, the occurrence of rash and pathogenic redness is prevented;

Active strengthening of capillaries;

The function of sweat release is normalized;

There is an active regeneration of the cells of the epidermis, minor injuries and wounds heal;

Concentrate, which should be taken inside, normalizes blood pressure, calms, stabilizes the heart rhythm, minimizes the impact of stress on the body.

The drug already during the first fourteen days of use significantly reduces sweating to a normal physiological level due to its complex effects. The concentrated biogenic product does not contain dangerous substances that cause serious side effects. The drug is safe for the body and acts purposefully. It is recommended to take 5 ml drops before meals every day for twenty days. The spray can be applied once a day to areas of increased sweating. It does not contain genetically modified substances, preservatives, flavor enhancers and harmful chemicals. The two-component agent positively influences the emotional background of the patient.

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