Chronic endometritis symptoms and treatment.

Chronic endometritis symptoms and treatment.

The signs of this form of the disease are often not too noticeable or mask for other diseases. Chronic endometritis, unlike the acute form of the disease, can not cause unpleasant sensations. Meanwhile, the disease continues to develop and affect the condition of the uterus. Of course, it is very important to visit a doctor on a regular basis – this is the only way to identify the disease in time. But if there is no such possibility, or you want to be safe, watching your own state yourself – what can you do? How to recognize and cure a disease.

Symptoms of chronic endometritis development.

Watch out if you are observed.

disorders of the menstrual cycle as a sign of chronic endometritis.

spotting spotting during periods between menstruations.

abundant or poor menstruation.

Also, patients often complain of fever, pain in the lower abdomen, general weakness, chills, fatigue. Although these manifestations of endometritis may not be, because of which there are difficulties in the timely detection of the disease. Worst of all, even a single inflammation leaves spikes and seals inside the uterine cavity. As a result, the endometrium functions imperfectly, resulting in infertility or miscarriage.

In the chronic form of the disease, severe pain and spotting appear, but it should be noted that the temperature, as a rule, does not increase. Symptoms of urolithiasis and endometritis can be easily confused, which is why it is strongly recommended that you immediately consult a specialist to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Although, of course, this is not a verdict. You can treat the disease and you need it, so do not hesitate to contact your doctor to start fighting the disease as soon as possible! If a chronic ailment is triggered, it can develop a nodular form of it – ademioz. Such a disease creates a threat to health and leads to infertility. So, it is important to recognize the symptoms of the disease on time yourself or with the help of a doctor.

Uterine bleeding and discharge are also common. The uterus thus hurts at survey, and during a menses the woman tests nojushchuju a pain in the bottom part of a stomach or belly. Hand over all the necessary tests and take a survey. Based on the results, the gynecologist will prescribe medications for you. If before the diagnosis of “endometritis” sounded like a sentence, today it is quickly diagnosed and successfully treated. In any case, by contacting the gynecologist in a timely manner, you will be able to cope with the disease. And this is important, because before the endometrium was identified with infertility, because the disease itself was an inflammation of the inner shell of the uterus, which prevented conception or during pregnancy provoked miscarriage. The comprehensive approach, which is used today in the treatment of endometritis, allows any woman to get a chance to experience the joy of motherhood.

Symptoms of chronic endometritis of different forms.

Catarrhal endometritis is a chronic inflammation of the uterine mucosa. Catarrhal endometritis captures the muscular membrane of the uterus, which is adjacent to the endometrium, as well as the channels of the reproductive system. As a result of the catarrhal form of the disease, there are microcirculatory disorders in the affected tissue area: a slowing of blood flow, vasodilatation, and even thrombi may form. First, the disease occurs inside the uterus, but in the absence of treatment it spreads to nearby organs.

Sluggish endometritis can occur due to a fungal, viral, bacterial infection. The disease itself can manifest itself after childbirth or even before pregnancy. Endometritis poses a threat to a woman who wants to have a baby, since this disease can lead to infertility or, during pregnancy, provokes fetal death. That’s why timely treatment of even a sluggish ailment can help any woman to know the joy of motherhood and endure a healthy baby.

The main feature of this disease is its asymptomatic course. In order to identify the ailment of this form, you will need to take tests and consult a doctor, because even pathological vaginal discharge, cycle disorders and bleeding in this case often does not happen. Endometrite can be detected only with a preventive examination at a gynecologist’s appointment.

Also, a woman can note the presence of a chronic sluggish endometritis.


pain in the lower abdomen.

discharge from the vagina.

In the process of the disease, small cysts can form. Often the disease is accompanied by violations of the menstrual cycle and heavy bleeding. With sluggish endometritis there are so-called intrauterine adhesions, because of which the uterine membrane ceases to function normally. It is important to know that with a sluggish endometrium, getting pregnant is very realistic, but it will be more difficult to bear a child. Although sometimes in the background of the disease, infertility develops, which is why doctors always say that it is necessary to visit a gynecologist regularly – this is how it will be possible to detect the disease already at its initial stage.

Features of treatment of the chronic form of endometritis.

Treatment consists in the use of medical techniques and recipes of traditional medicine. It is very important that they are coordinated among themselves, and therefore, do not forget to consult a doctor about the compatibility of the drug and herbal infusion. Below we will talk in more detail about how you can cure chronic endometritis or weaken its manifestation.

Since endometritis is caused by infectious agents, it is not surprising that after the diagnosis the doctor prescribes antibiotics for the patient with a broad spectrum of action. Doctors prescribe to patients reception of Citron, Cephalosporin, Metronizadol and other means. If a woman is breastfeeding, a drug is chosen that does not work too much and gives you the opportunity to continue breastfeeding. But in this case it is a question of a slow-moving form of endometritis. Otherwise, it will be necessary to refuse breastfeeding from the baby.

Treatment also includes taking probiotics – drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora. Patients are prescribed reception of such means as “Hilak-forte”, “Regulax”, etc. In the same period it is useful to use dairy products, which have a similar effect.

In combination with antibiotics, anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory therapy is often prescribed.

For the treatment of chronic endometritis, topical drugs that increase immunity, normalize metabolic processes in cells. A woman taking biological supplements undergoes a course of physiotherapeutic procedures that normalize the work of the ovaries and improve the activity of endometrial receptors (UHF, electrophoresis, ultrasound, etc.).

Patients are often prescribed hormonal contraceptives, which normalize the menstrual cycle. Also, doctors can advise a woman to go to a sanatorium for rest. Do not neglect this opportunity, because you will have a chance to pay attention to your health.

Be sure, the correct comprehensive approach to the treatment of endometritis will help to defeat the disease.

Treatment of chronic lingering endometritis of various forms.

For the treatment of slow endometritis apply methods aimed at increasing the resistance of the body to infections, eliminating pathological processes in the uterus. For these purposes, physiotherapeutic procedures are used to improve the hemodynamics of the pelvic organs, restore the condition of the endometrium receptors and normalize the function of the ovaries. Antibiotics and biologically active additives may also be prescribed.

Catarrhal endometritis is treated long and hard. In this case, almost always the disease leaves behind such unpleasant consequences as cysts. Be prepared to eliminate not only the ailment, but its consequences will be difficult. True, do not despair: examples from the lives of many women indicate that it will cure the endometrium is quite real, and, moreover, you can even get pregnant! So, do not lose hope for the best and take care of your health. Today, medicine can defeat chronic endometritis.

Causes and prevention of chronic prolonged endometritis.

Ideally, the uterine cavity is sterile, and infection can not enter it. However, there are reasons why this is possible.

childbirth (especially caesarean section).

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