Choosing a hearing aid

Choosing a hearing aid

All people with hearing loss sooner or later start thinking about the need to use a hearing aid. If previously there was no need to purchase such an indispensable tool, then most people are wondering which device to choose, among a large assortment on the shelves of pharmacies. Indeed, everyone should individually approach a matter as crucial as buying a hearing aid, because he will be for a long time a human best friend, helping to fully hear the surrounding sounds.

The most common hearing aids are Fully Channeled (CIC), Dental Hearing Aid (IT) and the Half-Horse and Concha Apparatus (ITE), but each has its own functional features and drawbacks.

CIC devices are manufactured on individual orders and mainly for adult consumers. It is used up to 4 degrees of deafness and is installed as deep as possible into the external auditory orifice. Features of fully-channel (CIC) devices:

Practically invisible;

Has protection of the auricle, and this reduces the perception of the wind;

Do not interfere with the use of telephones.

As for the shortcomings, we can note the following:

Short battery life;

There are no additional functions with which you can adjust the volume and direction of the microphones;

Do not use with eardrum defects.

IT devices are suitable for adults with an average degree of hearing loss. Since the size of these devices is slightly enlarged, they should not be located deep in the external auditory aperture. Advantages of such devices:

Slightly noticeable in the ear when used;

Do not interfere with the use of telephone sets;

Repair of hearing aids is inexpensive;

They include a volume control and an additional microphone.

You can order semi-conch and concha (ITE) hearing aids on individual orders, they are large in size, when the auricle is fully occupied by the device. Suitable for people with an average and very severe degree of hearing loss. Distinctive features of such devices are:

Large dimensions, in connection with which the device is too noticeable when used;

Sensitive to wind noise;

Has a fairly wide functionality – the ability to adjust the volume, as well as equipped with a button to switch between modes;

Long battery life.

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