Chakra is a Sanskrit

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel that is spinning. These are a system of seven energy centres located along the spinal column. Each chakra corresponds to a set of behavioral features, an area of the body and phases of spiritual advancement. Concentrating your energies during distinct positions and practicing yoga can help you get all the wheels spinning in the exact same direction and speed and to align your chakras. Comprehending how to fine tune and command your chakras through meditation and yoga can help bring peace and balance to your mind, body and spirit.

There are seven chakras, each linked with another part of the body along the back to the crown of your head from the perineum. Each chakra is related to many other private features including identity, aims, rights, etc., in addition to a specific body place, a colour, a central mental/behavioral problem

Through the motions and positions of yoga, you are able to learn to focus your attention and energy to and from the various chakras in the body. This can enable you to compensate for places that could be out of synch with the rest of your body or not lively whatsoever. Equilibrium can be attained by balancing the energy among all seven of the chakras. Since the chakras act as pumps or valves modulating the flow of energy through your system, purposeful and managed motions like yoga can be exceptionally valuable in realigning your chakras in a way which can bring about great advantages to you in your mental and physical wellbeing.




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