Causes of obesity

Causes of obesity

So, in the previous article, we used three measures to determine which category of obesity we treat. If you are in the category of people with obesity, then your task is to move to the category of people with excess weight. And then try to lose weight to normal.

Another important point is to get rid of fat, not weight. Most diets measure success by a lower value on the floor scales. But if you have changed your way of life and you have muscle instead of fat, your weight may not change, but you are clearly healthier and your health improves with each passing day.

If you are trying to reduce weight to the ideal by the standards of a diet, you can be disappointed that you can not achieve it. And give up your new healthy lifestyle. That’s exactly what will be a failure. Moreover, these last 2-3 kilograms will be lost due to muscle tissue, not fat. And we need muscles very much.

It should also be understood that real and safe fat loss does not happen quickly. All fashionable diets, designed for a quick result, only give a false sense of success, which quickly passes. It is better to change the way of life, which will lead to a gradual loss of fat and help to maintain an optimal weight for a long time.

External causes of obesity:

Ignorance. A lot of people do not want to understand the seriousness of the health problems that cause obesity.

The industry of fashion diets. Too much unreliable information, poorly thought out ways and methods of weight loss.

Environment. A lot of people have tried different diets with conflicting recommendations. And in reality, none of these diets helped most people. Therefore, many waved their hand and stopped even trying.

Food industry. Fast food products, chemical additives to food, fast food systems – all this strongly affects the way people live and is part of the problem of obesity.

Lifestyle. Our age is fast. People are very busy. And they think that they do not have time to eat and exercise properly. However, they have time to watch TV or spend hours on the Internet. In fact, living a healthy life is easy. And this is the choice of each person – to change their way of life now to live a healthy, active life for the rest of the time.

Another reason that the number of people with overweight and obesity continues to grow is that people do not view this problem as a serious threat to their health.

But obesity is not a cosmetic problem. This is not a social problem, although some close people have made it so. It’s not about looking perfect, it’s about how long your life will last, life with optimal health.

By the way, the World Health Organization in 1997 announced the following: “Obesity is a chronic disease common in developed and developing countries, which affects both children and adults.”

Behavioral (personal) causes of obesity:

Again, the main reason is ignorance, and active. It is necessary to study all aspects of health, and not to use diets that one-sidedly solve one weight problem.

The next reason is the excess of calories. If you want to get rid of fat, you just need to burn more calories than you consume.

Excess 100 calories per day on average give an extra 4-5 kilograms per year. In our way of life, especially in cities, we need 1800-2500 calories per day, on average. And we consume 3100-3700. Now you see for yourself where the root of the problem lies.

How do you figure out your numbers – your consumption limits? There is an easy way: multiply your weight in kilograms by a factor of 24.2 (for men) and 22.0 (for women).

Then determine your level of physical activity and the corresponding multiplier:

Sedentary lifestyle – 1,25

Inactive – 1.5

Moderately active – 1.65

Active – 2.0

Overactive (if you, for example, exercise regularly and a lot) – 2,3

Suppose you are a woman, weighing 50 kg, kotraya 3 times a week visits the fitness hall for 1.5 hours. Your limit in calories is 50×22.0x2.0 = 2200 calories. In order to lose weight, you need to reduce the amount of calories consumed by 500-1000. At the same time you can lose 0.5 – 1 kg of weight per week.

You’ve probably heard about diets where you are guaranteed a weight loss of 5 kg per week. But now we are not talking about the fact that you need to quickly drop a few (tens) kilograms to the beach season. At the same time losing health and just to look good in a new bikini. We talk about health, and for this the best way is to change the way of life.

Another behavioral cause of obesity is an excessive love for fats and carbohydrates.

For a long time we were taught that eating fat leads to obesity. We sold an incredible amount of low-fat products. Then it turned out that fats are very useful, and our enemies are carbohydrates. And we began to struggle with carbohydrates in our diet, and at the same time excluded from it very useful products – whole grains, yellow fruits and vegetables.

The US Department of Agriculture conducted a study that showed that weight loss does not depend on strict adherence to the proportion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is much more important to learn to use high-grade proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The ratio in the diet of fats, proteins and carbohydrates simply should be in certain ranges. But the types of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are much more important. For example, there are “bad” and “good” carbohydrates. The first is simple sugar, processed sugar. Some foods, on the contrary, are very useful – they are vegetables and whole grains with a low glycemic index. There are also studies that advise us to use more than usual products containing protein.

The next reason that comes from a lifestyle is a lack of movement.

Modern society moves very little: elevators, escalators, an ever-increasing fleet of cars, even bags and suitcases are wheeled. We sit at the tables in the offices and at home in front of the TV or computer. Total lack of movement. So in this issue also need to change the way of life. Try to walk more, use a staircase instead of an elevator, play with children in outdoor games (better in the fresh air).

Research data show that 90% of people who maintain a normal weight for a long time have three characteristics:

In the diet of these people, fats make up 20-30% of all calories

They limit the total caloric intake

They regularly exercise.

Thus, we understand that in order to obtain optimal health it is necessary to manage your whole life, and not just one of its aspects.

Also among the causes of obesity, it should be noted:

Hobby for television,

A personal computer, the Internet;

Stinging stress;

Eating snacks (chips and stuff);

Insufficient perseverance in the fight against excess fat;

Fast food and restaurant food;

Lack of sleep.

We will not consider these reasons in detail, especially since the list is incomplete. But this list gives us an understanding of why almost all diets give only a short-term result. They are aimed at solving one reason, but we have a long list of reasons.

How to get rid of obesity?

In the same way as we created it – changing our way of life.

It is important to understand that it is impossible to get rid of obesity overnight. The only way to lose weight and maintain a normal weight is a healthy lifestyle. Change in your life will have a lot, but it can be done gradually. Forms and sizes will change slowly, but such changes will remain for a long time.

Most people dream of a magic pill, which is worth accepting (better if only one) – and all problems with excess weight and obesity will immediately evaporate. Well, in the last resort a few weeks on a not very straining diet. At the same time, not far from the sofa and TV. To their regret, it does not happen. The struggle for one’s health is not won in one round. This championship is a lifetime.

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