Causes of excess weight

Causes of excess weight

As the statistics show, every second woman faces a problem of excess weight. Every year, nutritionists and trainers develop hundreds of programs to reduce weight, diet and exercise. But, unfortunately, very often they are ineffective. Before you start a stubborn fight against extra pounds, you need to find out the reason for their appearance.

There are many reasons for the appearance of excess weight. Some are just the wrong way of life, but there are more serious ways.

Very often, excess weight appears due to a violation of the hormonal balance. For example, thyroid disease can easily add a woman a few pounds in a short time. This body takes a direct part in the metabolism of the body. As a result of a malfunction of his work, appetite may disappear, but kilograms will be added even from small portions of food.

The second reason may be stress, which is not surprising in the conditions of a modern woman’s life. Often happens so that to drown out experiences, insults, the woman addresses not to the psychologist, and to meal. Thus, it turns into a chronic form of overeating. It is also a fact that excessive responsibility on the shoulders of a fragile woman also leads to the habit of constantly eating up something.

In addition, the weight of a woman has the influence and gynecological diseases, for example, endometriosis. In patients, the endometrium grows – a layer lining the uterine cavity. This strongly affects the forms of women. One of the signs of this disease can be considered a figure in the form of an apple, because most of the tissues are added to the abdomen.

One of the reasons leading to obesity is hypodynamia. Most modern women lead an inactive way of life. Sitting work, overcoming the way to work on transport, that is, low mobility is one of the reasons for the poor calorie expenditure.

Heredity also plays an important role. Propensity to fullness can be transmitted by heredity. An interesting fact is that, having inherited a propensity for completeness, one can inherit culinary preferences.

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