Causes and symptoms of hormonal disorders

Causes and symptoms of hormonal disorders

For maintaining the balance of hormonal substances in our body is the endocrine system. Due to the impact of many negative factors, hormonal disorders are observed, which can not but affect the work of cells and organs, and well-being. Consider the causes and signs of hormonal imbalance.


Hormonal failures are caused by:

– hypodynamic mode of life;

– excessive or inadequate caloric content of the daily ration;

– exacerbations of diseases of the adrenal glands, thyroid gland and other elements of the endocrine system;

– abuse of medicines, alcoholic beverages, tobacco smoking;

– lack of trace elements and vitamins. Using vitamin preparations now foods, you can compensate for the deficiency of irreplaceable components of the diet;

– age factors;

– excess of body weight;

– tumors;

– cardiovascular diseases;

– autoimmune processes;

– parasitic infections;

– stress;

– Post-surgical operations.


Hormonal disorders can be accompanied by:

– Increased glucose in the blood (the progression of diabetes);

– deterioration of the visual system;

– a change in appetite;

– Rapid weight loss, obesity;

– prolonged rise in temperature;


– interruptions in the work of the heart;

Tremor of hands;

– sleep disorders;

– nervousness;

– mood swings;

– lethargy;

– weakness;

– dryness, high fat content of the skin;

– skin itching;

– the appearance of dandruff;

– acne;

– fragility, hair loss or excessive growth;

– instability of blood pressure;

Hoarseness of voice;

– digestive disorders;

– decreased immunity;

– coarsening features of the face;

– rapid growth of feet, hands;

– headaches;

– dry mouth;

– thirst;

– slow healing of wounds.

Developing hormonal disorders require careful diagnosis, which includes laboratory and instrumental studies. Based on the results of the surveys, a treatment is prescribed that provides for:

– Therapy of concomitant diseases;

– carrying out of operations (if there is no possibility to eliminate the revealed pathologies medicamentally);

– Organizational measures, in particular, correction of the regime of the day, the power system, the rejection of bad habits, the optimization of loads.

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