Cancer is important in time to notice!

Cancer is important in time to notice!

“What if there is cancer?” – thinks one and does not go to the doctor, because it’s scary. “No, it can not be,” another waves off. “What can not be avoided,” sighs the other and also postponed the visit to the doctor. But in vain. At early detection, the success of treatment of malignant tumors is very large, but it is the first signs of the disease that are usually ignored.

1. Unclear weight loss. Do you eat as usual, but a month have dropped five or more kilograms? Urgent to a doctor In some stages of cancer, weight loss is observed in patients. Most often this is due to hyperactivity of the thyroid gland.

2. The temperature rise is typical for most diseases, including cancer, if there are no other signs indicating, for example, a cold or other inflammatory process. Usually the temperature keeps constantly about 37,0 – 37,5 degrees, which in turn leads to constant fatigue, weakness. Fatigue increases with the progression of the disease.

3. Pain. “If every day it hurts in different places, then you are healthy.” In this rather cynical joke there is a shred of truth. Unclear pain in the same place, stretching not a day and a week, and months – an occasion to seriously think about and see a doctor.

4. Skin changes. Many know that the appearance of new birthmarks is a sign of something bad. However, running to an oncologist because of every birthmark or pigmentation spot seems stupid. Normal pigmentation has a number of characteristics that distinguish them from harbingers of bad news. The usual pigmented spots are in the form of an even circle with clear boundaries. “Good” pigment spots are brownish in color and do not exceed 6 mm in diameter. In addition, yellowing or redness of the skin, itching, is possible.

5. Enlargement of lymph nodes. Any inflamed “bump” in the groin or under the arm, on the neck may indicate an inflammatory process, which reacts to the lymph nodes. Especially should alert the women with an inflamed lymph node in the axillary region. Here comes lymph from the mammary glands. Most inflamed lymph nodes are easily probed through the skin on their own. If you find them, you should consult a doctor.

6. Bleeding and other discharge. Any unusual bleeding is an occasion to go to a specialist. Blood can be in sputum, feces, urine.

These symptoms occur in dozens of other dangerous diseases, and their appearance does not mean that you have cancer. Therefore it is important to regularly undergo examinations, take tests and consult your doctor. For example, if there is a suspicion of breast cancer, the doctor will prescribe the surrender of many tests, including a magnetic resonance imaging of the entire body. On the Internet you can see all the MRI centers in your city and choose the one closest to you or the most suitable for the price.

To be on guard of one’s health is at least because with many malignant formations in the first stages it is possible to cope. Alas, but too rarely, patients respond in time to the alarming symptoms that the body sends them.

Most importantly, do not panic or depressed, even if your diagnosis is confirmed. Cancer is treatable if you ask for help in time.

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