Can I lose weight using dietary supplements

Can I lose weight using dietary supplements

Sometimes this terrible day comes, when beloved pants, bought in autumn, do not ruthlessly converge! At this moment she is ready for everything: “I will not eat until the evening! No, until the morning! No, three days as Orthodox fastors! “But a couple of days pass, and for some, whose life – continuous stress – a couple of hours, and all the resolve somewhere disappears. To exhaust yourself with diets or panting in the gym did not want to, but you want a miracle, so that the kilograms left somehow themselves, not paying attention to sandwiches and muffins.

And then the television (printed, Internet) advertising comes to the rescue, promising that same miracle – weight loss without diets and trainings. To build, you only need to buy a certain biologically active additive to food. Since most women want to lose weight, even quite harmonious and harmonious, it is in this area that many nutritional supplements appear every year, promising an easy and quick release from excess kilograms.

Take into account that in fact, there are no “sensational” drugs for weight loss – these are tricks of manufacturers, not always conscientious. From such “wonderful” drugs only your wallet will lose weight. But there are a number of substances actually used in weight loss programs.

Let’s briefly go through the main positions of this list:

1. Vitamin-mineral complexes. Do not contribute to losing weight directly, but necessary in the case of dieting and increasing physical exertion to maintain normal body functioning. Eliminated from a deficiency of vitamins, a person will react much less to an increase in appetite or a worsening mood for a change in the habitual diet.

2. “Fat burners”, or metabolism accelerators: various tonic drugs that cause our body to experience stress and work at full speed, even when we sit on the couch. May cause an increase in appetite, affect the nervous system.

3. Diuretics – drugs that remove fluid from the body – give the most noticeable and the shortest effect, have many side effects.

4. Preparations that block the absorption of fats or carbohydrates – require constant use, change the metabolism.

5. Drugs that reduce appetite – are several hours after taking.

6. L-carnitine – is produced in sufficient volume in the human body during physical exertion. Now it is fashionable to use it before training. On its impact with additional admission there is no convincing information.

So, can you lose weight using dietary supplements? The answer, of course, for a couple of pounds can be. However, the effect of this weight loss will not last very long. If the lifestyle and diet remain the same – kilograms will return very soon, taking with them new ones.

You can use certain dietary supplements in a comprehensive weight loss program. But it is worth to carefully consider the choice of the drug, so as not to experience the negative effects of dietary supplements for weight loss.

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