Can I lose weight fast?

Can I lose weight fast?

It’s amazing that overweight for years, women tend to get rid of it in a matter of weeks! Dear ladies, did not you come across the idea of ​​the absurdity of such a desire? And yet millions of girls are looking for an answer to the question – can I lose weight fast? Of course, because if there was no such opportunity, the topic would have withered by itself.

There are at least two ways that will help you lose weight quickly:

Liposuction – everyone knows what it is. But bad luck, it is expensive, and in fact will have to do several procedures, if the weight is really greater (above 100 kg). No professional plastic surgeon (and not a charlatan) will not allow more than 3 liters of fat to be pumped out at a time so as not to harm the patient.

Since most girls do not have that much money, and there is a fear of plasticity, they prefer starvation. It should be noted that if you dream to lose more than 10 kg per month, then you will have to starve hard – your diet will be almost one water. At the same time, it is scientifically proven that the speed of the subsequent weight gain is directly proportional to its discharge. Have lost weight on 10 kg – will type 20.

However, this theory works and vice versa – if you ate excess weight very quickly, then you can lose weight just as quickly.

Although even during pregnancy, the monthly weight gain is no more than 6.5 kg and this is considered very much.

But nutritionists and endocrinologists watched the pictures when people recruited up to 20 kg per month and this is not the limit. By the way, such a rapid “fattening” is associated not so much with metabolic disorders or hormonal failures, but with rigid mono-diets, which are so carried away by lazy and stupid girls.

The norm is weight loss of 1-1.5 kg per week, i.е. 4-6 kg per month. Those to whom this will seem an insignificant result, let him think about the fact that in this way the year will go from 50 to 70 kg! But you can not achieve such results by 15 kg per month. But women do not want to limit themselves in yummies and engage in fitness for a year – they need now, the blood from the nose, urgently lose a dozen kilograms to the beach season. And it does not matter that you had to take care of the figure at least in February and March.

So we get a cyclical process: hard hunger strikes -> rapid weight loss -> no less than a fast set of twice as many kgs -> stress, delicacy -> again losing weight.

Perhaps you like to run around in circles all your life. But do not think that from such executions your organism is ecstatic: the skin is stretched, the blood vessels are overloaded, the heart begins to malfunction. No wonder that with this attitude to your health you can turn into an old woman by the age of 40.

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