Can I drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Can I drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Pregnant women know that alcohol can not be used in an interesting position, but not everyone knows that even a moderate amount of it harms the fetus. Nowhere and no one is proved that a small dose of alcohol will not harm your future baby. That’s why doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol at all – as during the planning of the child, and in the position and lactation.

What is the danger of drinking during pregnancy?

If a woman uses alcohol in a position, it enters the bloodstream, penetrates the placenta and reaches the fetus. An adult person will not have problems with the splitting of a small amount of alcohol in the blood, but a child with this is unlikely to cope. The child’s body is not yet fully developed, so it suffers much more than the mother’s body. Often this leads to serious consequences, which then remind you of yourself all your life.

Drinking alcohol often leads to mental retardation of the baby (learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral problems), heart problems and other organs.

Drinking alcohol at times increases the threat of miscarriage and premature birth. A study conducted in Denmark showed that if a pregnant woman consumes alcohol in the first trimester, the chances that the baby will be born dead are increased by 50 percent or more. Another study conducted in 2008 showed that women who consumed alcoholic drinks five or more times a week were 70% more likely to have a mentally retarded child than women who did not drink alcohol at all.

Can I drink alcohol during lactation?

Even a very small, it would seem, amount of alcohol (beer, low-alcohol cocktail) immediately enters the breast milk and is transmitted to the baby when fed. Those infants whose mothers drank just one bottle of beer per day (not to mention more serious beverages) began to develop much more slowly than those children who were fortunate enough not to know the effects of alcohol in the mother’s belly or milk. Such children later start crawling and walking, talking and interacting with others.

That’s why alcohol is not worth eating at all, it never leads to anything good. If a woman can not cope with the problem of alcohol by herself, she should be treated for alcohol dependence in the center of the Renaissance. This is worth doing if not for yourself, then for the sake of the child and his happy future!

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