Calm and only calm!

Calm and only calm!

Doctors of different countries agreed in one opinion that stress is the reason of the big death rate of the population, provoking in an organism various serious infringements. Following the violations, such severe diseases as stomach ulcer, stroke, heart attack, hypertension, etc. begin to develop.

The first sign that there are any violations in the body is a general deterioration of the skin. The most vulnerable is the stomach in those days when you have nervous tension, because the nerve endings are located just at the very end of the stomach.

There is no need to be a doctor to understand what the heart suffers most from great stresses. When you plague yourself for something, thereby in your blood the level of adrenaline rises, the spasms of the vessels begin, which later serve as the formation of thrombi. Particularly sensitive people can suffice for the slightest quarrel in order for the body to fail or spasm of the cerebral vessels. More details about this you can find here:

In any stressful situation, it is necessary, first of all, to be calm, even if it seems very difficult for you. You need to think only about something good, so as not to harm your health.

In order to restore your mental strength and good spirits, you can do some physical exercise. A good start may be the morning exercise. The state of health will noticeably improve.

Also, such an activity as meditation can help you learn peace of mind. To calmly meditate, ask your relatives (if you live together) not to disturb you in the near future, then prepare for the meditation itself. You need to sit down on the floor, taking a comfortable position to straighten your back, but do not feel any tension. Do not think about anything, focus only on inspiration and exhalations, immerse yourself in the process itself. At first, you will be unaccustomed to such an occupation, and extraneous thoughts will climb into your head, but after a few such sessions, you will get the desired result.

The next method is called “Preservation”. This method can help absolutely anyone, even in the most critical situation. To do this, take an ordinary glass jar and cover it with a lid, and in the lid make a small hole. Then, on multi-colored little pieces of paper, you need to record every positive event that happened to you, then roll the paper with a tube and put it in the jar through the hole. And when the soul becomes sad, you need to read these notes. This method is tested, it helps very well and gives a good mood for the whole day.

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