Bring yourself in tonus for 5 minutes

Often, doing ordinary everyday things, we forget about ourselves. Our work and life, which recur from day to day, the same actions exhaust us both physically and morally. In order not to feel very tired at the end of the day, you must periodically listen to yourself. Our body is not a perpetuum mobile, and it needs breathing space during the day.

To cheer up and noticeably improve the overall condition, it is not necessary to run to the gym or look for recipes for special dishes. There are well-known 1-minute practices that will help you instantly feel better. Among them is to allocate short physical exercises.

Jumping. If you work in a sitting position, jumps will be particularly effective. Make 20 jumps. This will help improve blood circulation and heart function.

Push ups. 10 push-ups performed at a fast pace – this is an excellent exercise for relieving tension from the shoulder joint and back muscles.

A simple “salutation of the sun” exercise, borrowed from yoga, will help warm up the numb body and support its flexibility.

I agree with the fact that not everyone can afford such experiments at work, there are less intense and attracting attention.

Try to just sit straight, aim your shoulders down and back and sit for 1 minute.

Twisting the torso in a sitting position will help to quickly bring yourself to tone.

All these short exercises, performed several times a day, will help you also avoid problems with the spine.

Think about breathing. Slow breaths (5 seconds each) and exhalations (10 seconds each) will saturate the blood with additional oxygen.

Various manipulations with water will help you get rid of negative energy and fatigue.

Wash your hands. If you wash with soap – it will also be a prevention against colds and flu. Drink a glass of water – protect the body from dehydration and cheer up.

If you take a job at home or you are a housewife, then you especially do not have the right to forget about short respites. After all, homework, as you know, never ends.

Leave the case for 1 minute. Go out into the street. Take a breath of fresh air. Sit in the sun. You in fact remember, that vitamin D supports our immune system and has property to improve mood.

By the way, about the mood. Music. Your favorite music for 1 minute will make you forget about fatigue and problems. And endorphins – hormones of joy with pleasure will dance with you. Harmonize the psychological and physical condition will help aromatherapy.

It’s no secret that our feelings and emotions have a huge impact on our health and well-being.

Develop a sense of gratitude. Remember and write down 5 things for which you feel grateful today. It can be anything: a good hairstyle, good coffee, clear weather – whatever you want. You immediately feel light, you’ll see.

Make a plan of affairs for the day, set goals – save yourself from a waste of effort and save a lot of energy.

Do not forget about the people around us. After all, we have a feature fueled by good and bad energy from each other.

Smile. You will feel happier and “touch” the happiness of someone else. Encourage the one who does not add up. Tell your colleagues an anecdote or a funny story, laugh at someone else’s joke.

Do compliments, because it’s like giving presents. The best way to spend a good day is to give such a day to another.

Now you know that just a few minutes a day can improve your well-being and give a good mood.

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