The Best Way To Practice Meditation

Meditation is the most significant practice for relaxing the mind. A serene head can bring about a joyful, healthy and successful life. It accelerate curing procedures and can heal ailments. We describe the technique that is easy below called prana-dharana. It’s the most fundamental action of life which goes on till departure and begins from birth. But usually, we’re unaware of the breath till our focus is drawn close to it. Dharana means its knowledge.

Sit in a position suited to meditation. The positions that are common are Padmasana, Siddhasana and Swastikasana. But if you cannot do this, simply sit cross legged. Your knees should be set nicely on the earth. Don’t stoop your shoulders back. The entire body should be relaxed and the entire framework stable without using pressure or any pull on the thighs, feet, knees, back or neck. Let the abdominal wall effortlessly with each respiration and rock gently back and forth quite easily. The palate should touch with point touching the rear of the top front teeth. Ensure that the lower jaws, tongue or the lips don’t move. Your eyeballs and eyelids should be stable and the muscles of the brow relaxed.

Your whole position should be steady, comfortable and relaxed. Now begin acquiring the consciousness of respiration. The flow of air should be easy, slow and uniform. Don’t make any attempt or exercise any control. Don’t voice any word or see any picture. This will calm your thoughts and allow you to attain serenity.

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