Benefits of yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way of exercising that relieves you of the daily stresses and relaxes you immensely. Researchers have gradually concluded that yoga is beneficial for improvement of health, healing of various aches or pains and for keeping illnesses at bay. There are plenty of exercises in yoga for breathing and energy boosting. It is an aesthetically pleasing and reforming type of transition and changes you philosophically as well as physically.

Following are few of the numerous benefits of yoga that help in improvement of health:

Flexibility improvement:

Yoga is one of the best and the most obvious ways of improving the flexibility of your body. Flexibility becomes better with a lot of practice and in the start you may not be able to touch the toes or do backbends. Consistent practice will make your body loose and will eventually help make these impossible poses completely possible. You will notice that random aches and pains will disappear miraculously. Inflexibility can cause various problems such as tight hips give rise to strained knees and inflexible muscles like fascia damage the posture.

Muscle strengthening:

Muscle strengthening is extremely important for the body as it can diminish the chances of your body being prone to back pains or arthritis and also helps in preventing falls in older people. The strengthening of your body is balanced with the flexibility you practice. Merely lifting weights does not improve flexibility.

Posture balance:

Our head is heavy and round and if it is balanced well over the erect spine directly, then it decreases the stress on neck and the muscles of back for support. As soon as it moves a few inches forward, the pressure on these muscles builds up. Craning your neck for hours causes tiredness, no doubt and besides fatigue it gives rise to joints pain, muscle pains, back and neck aches. Slumping produces a harmful affect on the inward curves of back and neck and causes arthritis of spine.

Prevention of joints or cartilage breakdowns:

Yoga is a superb way of keeping your joints active and within the full range of motion. This helps in the prevention of degenerative arthritis and alleviates disability by soaking and squeezing of the cartilage areas that are not usually used. Cartilages of joints are like sponges and they absorb new nutrients when the former liquid is squeezed out. If the joint cartilages aren’t used then they can wear out and it affects the bone movement.

Improvement of bone health:

It is well known that exercising is essential for a healthy skeletal structure and bone strengthening. It diminishes the chances of osteoporosis and arthritis. During yoga, you are required to lift your own weight. Some exercises like Upward facing dog and downward facing dog are important for keeping arm bones strong as they are especially under the danger of osteoporosis. Yoga practice also decreases vertebral bone pressure as per researches conducted in California State University.  It also keeps the leel of calcium to optimum in bones by lowering the stress and thus managing cotrisol hormones.

Increases blood flow:

Yoga is an excellent way to renew and refresh your blood circulation and flow. The relaxation factor in these exercises helps in the blood circulation in feet and hands. It also helps your cell absorb more oxygen thus increasing the functionality of your body. Yoga consists of plenty of twisting poses which help in wringing out the deoxygenated blood from the internal organs and allow absorption of oxygenated blood. The inverted poses assist in the blood circulation to reach from legs and pelvic area toward heart and thus making the blood oxygenated. This exercise is beneficial if you suffer from swelling of legs. Yoga helps in thinning of blood and making it less sticky. It also boosts the RBCs and hemoglobin.

Immunity booster and lymph drainage:

Moving around and stretching your muscles helps in increasing the drainage ability of lymph which is a fluid of immune cells. The lymphatic system constitutes one of the most necessary body systems which fights infections, dispose of toxic products and eliminates cancerous cells.

Regulates heart rate:

Yoga is extremely healthy when it comes to combating depression and the risks of heart diseases. Aerobic yoga is very effective in this regard and Ashtanga classes boost the heart rates. All exercises, even those that are not aerobic, improve cardiovascular conditions. It is constructive in increasing endurance, improve oxygen intake and lowers the heart rate in resting stage.

Lowering blood pressure:

People who are suffering from high blood pressure issues could do well with yoga as it has immensely great affect on hypertension. Corpse pose, also called Savasana decreases the systolic blood pressure with 26 points and diastolic blood pressure with 15 points.

Source of happiness:

What’s better than being happy through regular exercises and yoga and relieve your soul from the worldly stresses for a while? Constant yoga practice will improve the depressive states and helps in increase of serotonin levels while decreasing monoamine oxidase and stress hormone cortisol. Yoga helps boosts the body immune system, motivates you and improves your body and soul in miraculous ways.

Healthier lifestyle:

Instead of suffering from the constant cravings of dieting, you can induce yoga in your daily routine. It helps in burning of extra fat and calories and helps in spiritual and emotional uplifting. This consequently will encourage you to eat healthy food, sleep better, wake early in the morning and inspire you on whole new levels.

Improvement of focus:

Many people worry about the lack of focus in their daily lives. They cannot focus on the present, worry about the past and future unnecessarily. Yoga wonderfully helps in improvement of memory, coordination, reaction timing and in plenty of cases, has improved IQ scores. Transcendental meditation is an excellent demonstration of the ability of humans to solve problems and thus acquire the necessary skills to deal with daily life issues in a more effective manner. Their distraction significantly decreases and they don’t have to bother with their thoughts playing over and over like a loop.

Lowering blood sugar levels:

Yoga also efficiently lowers the blood sugar levels and inhibits the increase of LDLs and boosts the increase of HDL. For diabetic people, yoga is beneficial in many ways such as decreasing cortisol level, adrenaline level, helping in weight loss and improvement of sensitivity to insulin effects. It in turn decreases the chances of having heart attacks, blindness and kidney failure.

Relaxation of body:

Yoga exercises helps in encouragement of relaxation of the body, it slows down the breathing and helps you in developing focus. It also manages the shifting of balance from the sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic nervous system. PNS is responsible for calmness and helps in lowering heart rate, blood pressure and breathing and boosts the blood flow toward reproductive organs and intestines.

Promotes body balance:

Regular yoga practice will increase the ability of proprioception which is a powerful way of knowing what your body is doing and where it lies in space. Yoga is also extraordinarily helps in promotion of body balance. People, who do not have good proprioception ability, suffer from back aches and knee problems because of bad postures. As your balance becomes better, it diminishes the chances of falling in older age and in younger ages, it can make us feel less wobbly.

Enhance functioning of nervous system:

You can learn to control your body by gaining control of the nervous system through valuable yoga exercises. Some yoga instructors have fantastic ways of inducing different heart rhythms or help generate varying brain-waves. Sometimes, they use a temperature increasing meditation technique as well which may be beneficial in increasing blood flow to the pelvis if you want to get pregnant and help I relaxation for sleeping better.

Relieves tension of limbs:

During many of our routine tasks, we tend to tense our limbs involuntarily and without knowing. This habit can lead to muscle fatigue, chronic tensions in muscles and sometimes causes soreness in arms, face, shoulders, wrists and neck. This affects the moods and the quality of your daily work. By regular yoga practice, you learn to take control of the tension in your body; you notice the areas where the tension is exerted, like eyes, tongue, face or neck muscles and simply learn to release the tension from them. For limb muscles it takes years of practice to become a pro at it.

Body immune system improvement:

Scientifically, meditation has the highest graph of boosting up the immune system of yoga practicioners. It has a beneficial effect on the immunity and it positively changes the functionality by varying it according body requirements. It increases antibodies when vaccines are injected and lowers the immunity when aggressive immune function is inappropriate.

Encourages better sleep:

Modern day to day life has its own stresses and it affects our sleeping immensely. Yoga practice encourages you to relax better and the various forms of yoga such as yoga nidra, Savasana, restorative asana, pranayama helps you to perform pratyahara which is leaves you in control of your senses. Better sleeps tends to lesser clumsiness, lesser stresses, and thus less tiredness.

Prevention of digestive problems:

Daily yoga practice also eases many of the GIT and digestive troubles like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, constipations etc. through the relaxation effect and decrease of stresses, the digestive health becomes better. It is said that theoretically, yoga may also decrease the chances of being prone to colon cancer because it facilitates better functionality of the digestive system and bowel movement. Twisting poses may be helpful in removal of wastes through the body systems.

Peace of mind:

Yoga practice helps your mind to relieve the stresses and the intense fluctuations of thoughts in your mind. It will help in combating frustration, anger, resentments, regrets, fears and your desires that trigger the stress hormones in your body. Stress is the root cause of a variety of problems and thus, when you gain peace of mind, you increase the chances of living longer and a healthier life.

Eases body pains:

Yoga greatly benefits in easing your pain. Meditation, asana and a combined effect of these two has reduced pain in many patients of arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. this will naturally improve your mood and you’ll be more active and enthusiastic than before.

Freedom from drugs:

Medication is as beneficial as it is harmful and with every benefit from the drugs you take, you become prone to at least 3 other side effects. Yoga is an excellent way to relieve yourself of the power of drugs that have a control of your body. Many diseases like asthma, diabetes type II, high blood pressure and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) can be slightly shifted off from the control of medication and sometimes, get off entirely. This will help save money and decrease chances of side effects.

Builds better relationships:

As yoga strengthens your inner self, it helps you in better understanding the people around you as well. It opens up your mind and senses and opens new gates of knowledge for you as well. Yoga helps in healing and becoming more compassionate and friendly. Yoga is not merely an exercise but it is a philosophical practice that changes you emotionally and spiritually.

Prevention from viruses and allergies:

If you constantly suffer from allergies like old, flu and cough, a great way to relieve your body of these ailments is to practice yoga regularly. It will cleanse your internal system elaborately from all viruses. Jala neti is a gentle exercise to cleanse your nasal passage with salt water for the removal of pollens, viruses etc and develop mucus.


In short, yoga is the cheapest and easiest way of gaining relaxation, which you can daily practice in the ease and quiet of your home during the early hours of morning. It will splendidly make you grow spiritually as well as make you healthy. It helps save time and lets you gain control of yourself and your body.

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