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As we enter a brand new millennium, more and more individuals are seeking lifestyle changes that cultivate mental and spiritual wellbeing in addition to physical fitness. As an outcome of this tendency, the ancient discipline of yoga is now experiencing a renaissance that is widespread. We’re devoted to bringing the advantages of yoga through the Internet to the broadest possible audience.

With this statement, found its grand opening on the Internet.

Individuals are more conscious than ever of the health benefits of fitness and physical activity, says Wai Lana. Routine exercise was linked to a decrease in the risk of cancer, strokes, and heart disease. Yoga offers an ideal blend of flexibility and strength.

Yoga’s origins date back around 5,000 years when it was created as a kind of meditation.

Wai Lana teaching and has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. She’s produced and hosted almost 200 half hour television shows of yoga teaching. Wai Lana has also authored several publications on yoga, recorded yoga music in various fashions, and released an award winning chain of yoga home videos.





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