Beauty: how not to hurt yourself

Beauty: how not to hurt yourself

Do not believe it, but the race for beauty and style is far from always appropriate. Moreover, as soon as yesterday’s stylish student-honors student grows up children and family, and plus to that three jobs in combination, she very quickly releases from herself everything that obscures her natural beauty and spontaneity. As soon as time begins to inexorably take away the hours and days of your life, on glamor there is absolutely no extra hour left. But the question, what part of your personal resource you can allocate for yourself personally and without extra, you decide for yourself.

Depending on what is required, the woman very quickly rebuilds her habits and her way of life. For example, in what circumstances is it worth revising your cosmetic bag? Yes, as soon as possible! Look closely at its contents: are all the purchases of “powder and lapping” really necessary to you, or do cosmetic concerns require them?

Another example – it happens, women from time to time become pregnant. Well, they have such a property. All the “women’s” magazines in one voice shouting about the need to monitor themselves as it was, that as if my mother was busy, it’s always necessary to cut out a couple of minutes for a decent appearance … All this is true. But why no one and nowhere says that before going to the delivery room, and in general in the last weeks of pregnancy no lacquer on the nails should not be. Suddenly you will be taken straight from the delivery room to the operating room, and when the future mother prepares for the caesarean section, the anesthesiologist will once again tear her hair off: her nails are beautiful, but their natural state is not visible. After all, if the nails begin to “bluish,” this is a rather alarming sign for a medic who provides anesthesia. And how does he see it under the chamomile manicure field?

Let’s say that women do not get into the maternity hospital very often, but what, God, is the girl doing on such high “stiletto” in the middle of the street? Such shoes were modeled for podiums, for parties, for a small period of socks. They can not walk the streets without risk to health. It is not for nothing that one of the ridiculous at first sight laws of the USA, more precisely, in the city of Mobile, forbids the wearing of such shoes. The precedent was not good – a woman in such shoes injured her leg and sued the municipality – dangerous hairpins had to be banned in order not to pay to other potential victims.

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