Beauty and health during pregnancy

Beauty and health during pregnancy

Do you want to have a baby, but are afraid of pregnancy? Worry about health, how will you cope with the new state – both physically and morally? Completely vain! The interesting situation has many advantages in terms of health and beauty.

Often, pregnancy gives women the feeling that they must sacrifice a significant part of their health for the birth of a child. It is associated with changes in the body, which begin already in the first weeks of the baby’s life in the womb. Nausea, weakness, heart palpitations, varicose veins, stretch marks, pains in the abdomen and back, tingling in the limbs, hair loss, discoloration of the skin. Not bad for “blessed time”, is not it?

Indeed, these unpleasant symptoms can make it difficult to find positive pregnancy moments. Nevertheless, it is worth looking at these nine months on the other, more positive side. This will help them to tune in correctly and take advantage of the “interesting position” that the “psyche” and the body of a woman bring with her beauty and health. Enumerate them for a long time, here are just some of them.

During pregnancy, the hormonal background in the body changes. Part of the hormones not only restrain the effect of aging, but more than that – returns the skin to youth.

The endorphins produced by the brain lead to the fact that we feel in ourselves more strength, energy and a desire to live.

To ladies who smoke or who consume large amounts of coffee and alcohol, the new status gives an excellent opportunity to change bad habits. Will win from this, not only the skin, appearance, but the whole body (and at the same time and purse).

The increased libido of women in the position plays an important role for relations in marriage. The vagina is better moistened, the pelvis is more saturated with oxygen, and in general it can be said with full confidence that pregnancy has a positive effect on the possibility of getting satisfaction during sexual intercourse. But everything should be approached reasonably: if pregnancy is accompanied by health problems or something is threatened, be careful.

Return to the natural, quieter rhythm of the day. This is especially true for many working women. The new regime helps the body to recover, get rid of the accumulated health problems. The way you eat during pregnancy, how much you sleep, walk, is of great importance for your well-being and after the birth of the child.

Many women are pleased with the absence of menstrual pain. Because there are representatives of the fair sex, for which birth pains are nothing compared to the pain of their usual menses. During pregnancy, you can forget about this problem. It also happens quite often that after the birth of the child, when the cycle is normalized, the sensations in the “red days of the calendar” become less painful than before.

It can be said that pregnancy is an element of prevention of breast and ovarian cancer, the formation of cysts, and sometimes the cause of a decrease or resorption of uterine fibroids.

In normal marriages, a pregnant woman is always surrounded by a special care from a partner. This not only enhances its self-esteem, but also positively affects the relations in the union and, consequently, all the immediate surroundings. The environment around becomes more harmonious and blessed – a woman, despite some physiological difficulties, blooms and feels wonderful.

Even if you seem to yourself too full, know: even purely from “evolutionary” considerations in the eyes of your partner, you become more attractive. After all, pregnancy for men – the embodiment of femininity. In a word, your positions become more stable – the mood, and after that the well-being improves.

A woman who experiences an unusual condition in the eyes of the employer often looks more responsible and organized employee. Because she acquires an experience that really turns chaotic in the actions of female lovers to gossip in conscientious female workers who understand the responsibility for the future – her own and her child. Thanks to this, you will be treated more respectfully and condescendingly at work, which means that you will be shielded from greater stress.

Ask your friends who have become mothers – the overwhelming majority probably admits that they had a lot of very warm memories about the period of pregnancy. Believe me, such positive experiences await you too!

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