Basic Yoga Poses and their Variations

1. THE COBRA Do this in stages that are simple. Lie down, face prone, stretched back and legs tightly together, brow on the floor. Place your hands, palm down under your shoulders. Inhale and lift your head, pressing against your neck back use your hands to push up your torso until you’re bending to the back of your neck in a lovely arc from your lower spine. You need go no farther than this. Nevertheless , in case you are supple enough, you drop your head back to touch your feet, turn the legs at the knees and can straighten your arms fully. Drop it back as far as possible, if your head goes nowhere near your feet and hold the position with deep breathing. Come out of the position quite slowly, returning to the face prone position. Repeat.

2. THE BOW This is also an extreme variation of the bow that is easy. It’s astonishing how many kids can do it instantly. Take it in simple stages. Lie face prone in your mat. In case you are really slender have a thick, cushioned mat that is fine for this one. Inhale and bend your knees upward. Extend back with your arms and catch hold of your ankles, keeping thumbs and fingers on the exterior. Inhale and at the exact same time lift your head and torso, lifting knees and thighs off the floor and pulling at your ankles. Breathe generally, lifting your head upward and attempting to kick your legs up higher. You can quit here but if you keep the knees, then slide your hands down your legs, lift them higher, can still extend farther and pull back as much as possible. Hold for a couple of heavy breaths that are regular, then relax back to the face-prone posture, head to one side.

3. THE SHOOTING BOW In Sanskrit this is known as one leg and Akarna Dhanurasana is drawn up like a bow that was firing. Bend the left knee and pull at the foot across the human body close to your torso, twisting the body somewhat to the right and pointing up the elbow. The left hand remains tight and solid, holding the right foot. Hold position with ordinary respiration, release and relax.

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