Bad habits or a healthy lifestyle? What do women choose?

Bad habits or a healthy lifestyle? What do women choose?

Each representative of the weaker sex wants to look amazing, have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, attracting the attention of potential fans.

In order to look beautiful and be confident in yourself, you need to feel beautiful and be absolutely sure of it. Confidence in themselves can give, well and tastefully selected clothing, shoes, bag and accessories.

But whether this woman will help to look beautiful if her skin looks dull and faded due to lack of oxygen and vitamins, overdried and dehydrated because of the tanning beds, for the sake of supposedly beautiful, and most importantly “fashionable” tan, teeth, yellowed from regular smoking, under Eyes bags due to night parties, and through the thick layer of foundation on the face of the skin red capillaries emerge from the regular use of alcoholic beverages.

The problem is that you do not need to start making yourself beautiful with makeup, hair and clothes, but with nutrition, a healthy and healthy lifestyle. According to the research of British scientists led by Dr. Andrew Myers, the appearance of a person is 50% due to hereditary factors and 33% to the way of life. Based on these studies, he wrote the book “Health is wealth”.

Here, for example, five simple principles, time-tested, taken from this book, which will help you maintain health and vitality:

1. Drink more water

If a person is thirsty, then the process of dehydration has already started in his body. You should drink water, during the day, without waiting for thirst. Water should drink pure drinking still. Mineral water can be drunk for no more than a month, then taking a break in 2-3 months.

2. Have fresh food

Any heat treatment, like heating (frying, quenching, cooking), and cooling (freezing) leads to a decrease in vitamins, trace elements and increased caloric content of the product. It is recommended to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible grown on a seasonal basis.

3. Move every day

It is very important for a person to walk every day, at least one hour a day. Instead of an elevator, it is better to walk the stairs. And in the gym go not when you need to urgently throw off excess weight, but regularly to maintain the form. And swimming in the pool will help, and relax and bring the body into a tonus, as it works with all muscle groups.

4. Sleeping and resting

Rest and good sleep are very important parts of a person’s life. In countries where daily rest and sleep are prescribed, the statistics of cardiovascular diseases are much lower. It is best to go to bed at about eleven o’clock in the evening. Sleep strengthens the immune system and improves the metabolism of body cells.

5. Helping the body to adapt to stress

It is impossible to control stressful situations, but you can help orgasm to cope with imminent stress. It is necessary to exclude all external stimuli (music, phone, TV) and to do five minutes a simple exercise – deep breaths and exhalations. It will help to calm down and easier to transfer stress.

Thus, you should make an input: to get the desired result, the beauty spiral should start drawing not from the outside, but from the inside.

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