Ayurvedic Treatment

What if when someone is not already well?

Body Parts & Constitution (Prakriti)

Due to the preceding five components, all human beings are made up with a mixture of three or two main ones. Those are called Doshas or body humours: Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Any man is not difficult to treat with the identification of his or her class.

Vata classification is mixture of atmosphere and space components: Individuals are illogical, timid and insecure. They’ve hair that is thin. They’ve gray eyes or dark brown. On the other hand, the state of his head gets imbalanced readily because of which he gets disorders like cramps, insomnia and constipation.
Pitta classification is fire component : These individuals are achievers, intellectual, ardent, angry, judgemental, with exact expression and clear voice. They’ve hair that is soft and fine. Eyes are hazel, gray and blue. They can be warm character when healthy and great leaders. Due to emphasis on rage and metabolism, they have problems with rashes, ulcers and acidity as well as thinning of hair happens.

They’ve thick lustrous hair. Eyes are brownish or blue. Individuals have great endurance capability with steady and serene head. They may be capable of extreme love and forgiveness. Occasionally they can be possessive and selfish. Kapha is the lubricant that keeps the body lively, keeps the joints working and balanced with resistance. Much of it leads to weight gain and lethargy, blockage, allergies.

After the Prakriti is determined, one should understand the nature of the disorders(Vikriti). Those are not light -light, slow-sharp, cold-hot, unctuous-dry, smooth-rough, solid-liquid, soft-tough, steady-mobile, subtle-total, and non-slimmy slimmy. When corrected, first constitution or Prakriti is restored.

These 20 features with regards to one that?s fundamental constitution will determine the treatment. These may result from inappropriate foods causing stress etc., improper digestion, incorrect sleep habits, improper mindset

It generates perfect resistance, energy, physical strength and thus an overall sense of ecstasy that is summarised in Ayurveda in one word when this is corrected.

Some Minerals and Herbs
Malabar nut: fostering immune systems, bronchitis, asthema
Bael : Digestive system
Garlic: cholesterol and lipids
Asparagus : Female lactation and reproductive system

Neem : blood purifier and antifungal treatment

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