Aromatherapy against headache. How effective is it?

Aromatherapy against headache. How effective is it?

It is not necessary to take the headache lightly, it is worth considering always: this pain is not a disease, but a direct symptom. And there are some lucky ones who have never experienced this kind of pain. However, there are very few of them, especially today, when most of us spend a lot of time at the computer, not having enough time in the open air, the food we have is not every day healthy and balanced …

Most of us are prone to constant worries, anxiety and anxiety experiences in a relatively greater or lesser degree. Any such psychic kind of state with simultaneous ignoring of our physical condition will sooner or later lead to various physical manifestations and ailments in the form of pain, tension, insomnia. One of the most frequent manifestations of overexertion is a severe headache.

Headaches may in fact have different causes, but there are also different classifications of headaches. Roughly speaking, we can say that the main division is the allocation of migraine headaches. The reasons can range from very simple “I can not sleep at all” or “I worked very long on the computer”, until serious certain violations of our body.

However, regardless of whether your headache is perceived by you lightly or not, you need to realize that such pains are not a disease in itself, but a certain symptom of our body. Therefore, it’s easiest, as it would seem, to just take a painkiller and get rid of the pain (since the search for the causes takes time, and changes in the way of life can be too difficult to implement), but remember that your body wants to tell you something that it is not with him So something, and that certain changes in the way of life are necessary.

If you have regular recurring headaches, you can:

– often stay in the fresh air. Being in a room in a stuffy room, especially with heating or air conditioning, can provoke pain in the head area.

– drink more liquid (water, teas, natural juices). In the scientific community there is a discussion, in fact, how much a person needs to drink a day. And here everything is very individual.

– moderate intensity, but besides regular physical exercises. Yoga is especially recommended, because it combines good muscle stretching, proper quiet breathing, focusing – all this in a complex soothes stressful manifestations.

– Reduce stress, anxiety. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, especially in the modern world with its fast-paced lifestyle. All around us every day is a potentially stressful situation. The trick is not to allow this potential to be realized.

From the point of view of aromatherapy treatment, headaches will be divided into those that are caused by stress factors, poor inadequate circulation of blood, with muscle tension.

Stress caused by stress

Anxiety, tension, stressful conditions can often provoke rather severe headaches as a result. Such ailments can be associated with pain or uncomfortable manifestations of other organs, so it can be pain in the shoulders (as a symptom that “I carry the whole world on my shoulders”), abdominal pain (“I can not digest it”) or the intestines (“I can not allow this to continue”).

Aromatherapists recommend aroma-camomile oils, balm balms, as having an extremely effective strongest calming effect. Also recommended is vetiver, bitter and sweet orange, ylang-ylang, mandarin, lavender oil …

The choice of aroma oils is really huge. They are used inhalation (by spraying the diffuser or inhaling directly from the bottle), can be applied to the solar plexus and / or wrist (first mixed in vegetable oil), or, as in most anti-stress treatments, can be applied as perfume. It should be noted: all the recommended essential oils, effectively coping with stress, also have extremely pleasant aromas. Along with aroma-oils, tea (the most popular is from melissa with chamomile), pharmacy or home-made tinctures (passionflower, valerian and melissa) can help with stress.

To quickly eliminate pain, especially when it is in an acute stage, it is good to apply a mixture of soothing and intensely pain relievers. Particularly recommended is the essential oil of marjoram, because it simultaneously acts as an analgesic and soothing.

An example of an effective agent may be a mixture of:

– 11 drops of peppermint oil (peppermint very effectively anesthetizes)

– 6 drops of oregano oil (intensively quenches pain, soothes)

– 6 drops of lavender oil (soothes, spasmolytic mild)

– these oils diluted in 12 ml of vegetable oil (for example, macadamia, it is possible to take olive, sunflower).

The mixture is applied in small doses to the area of ​​the shoulders, around the ears, around the neck. Massage (intensely, but not too rough) until the oils are absorbed. In addition, effectively helps a good massage of the shoulder region, neck, head (and, of course, throughout the body). Massage is always welcome, and from all kinds of headaches. It is very important to answer the first sign of a headache – the more you wait, the harder it will be to eliminate the pain. Use the composition of the oil is needed every 2 hours, until the pain is reduced or eliminated.

Headaches caused by insufficient circulation of blood

If your periodic headaches are adjacent to the symptoms of cold extremities, tingling, vascular stress, dizziness, frequent noises in your ears, it is clear what is the cause. To significantly improve circulation, it is possible to use various preparations of ginkgo, a tincture of rosemary. For example, in addition to rosemary essential oil, cypress and lemon are also used. For a good general circulation improvement, the most practical to use is a combination of oils that is applied throughout the body after taking a shower, and also for skin care, which improves blood circulation.

The simplest, but extremely effective recipe (in drops):

– 25 (drops) of essential rosemary oil

– 15 cup of cypress oil

– 11 lemon oils

– stir in 100 ml of vegetable oil (if desired, take almonds, sunflower, walnut …).

Note that this composition is intended for the whole body, therefore, has a relatively reduced concentration of used oils. For direct topical application (apply the oil mixture on the hands or feet), the required number of essential oils used can be increased by 2-3 times.

When the head is aching, rosemary oil helps best, as it intensively improves blood circulation:

– 8 drops of peppermint oil (analgesic)

– 8 drops of rosemary oil

– dilute in 8 ml of vegetable oil.

The method of use is the same as with a mixture of headaches caused by stress.

Headaches that are caused by muscle tension

Basically, as a result of long sitting in the wrong unnatural position, leaning forward to the computer. Of course, it is recommended to have an ergonomically good chair, use a computer mouse and put the computer in a suitable position to make frequent breaks in work, walk and sit properly … – these are direct actions to thereby prevent muscle overstrain.

The most spasmolytic (relaxes the muscles and struggles with spasms) is the bitter orange oil.

In everyday life you can introduce the use of an oil mixture:

– 17 drops of bitter orange oil

– 12 drops of lavender oil

– 6 drops of chamomile oil (optional)

– add to 35 ml of vegetable oil (walnut, sunflower).

Mix the mixture regularly with a small amount directly on all the tensed muscles, a couple of times a day.

In the period of severe pain, it is recommended to use an antispasmodic combination of oils:

– 13 drops of peppermint oil (peppermint well anesthetizes)

– 4 drops of bitter orange

– 8 drops of lavender oil

– Mix in 13 ml of vegetable oil.

It is worth noting that in every recipe, peppermint oil is mentioned. This is the most famous painkiller for headaches, acting on the pain and providing a feeling of cooling, which further contributes to the easing of pain. There are, of course, other oils that are excellent analgesics, but it is mint that is preferred for use in headaches.

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