Are your teeth aching? Running to the dentist!

Are your teeth aching? Running to the dentist!

With the fact that teeth can hurt, you know, perhaps, everything – both men and women. Toothache, as a rule, appears suddenly, and it simply does not have to endure it. But behave in this situation, men and women in different ways. A man can suffer with toothache for long days and nights – he swallows handfuls of painkillers, hardly sleeps, suffers, but does not even come close to the dental clinic. As for the beautiful ladies, they often go to the dentist at the first sign of pain.

What is the reason for this different behavior?

Perhaps the whole point is that a woman is a weaker being, she can not endure the pain for a long time and therefore prefers to “get rid of it” at the dentist rather than endure the hours of constant pain (I would not like to think that a man behaves so strangely simply because, Because he, as a small child, is afraid of a dentist). And in this case, female weakness very well helps the woman herself. After all, if you contact a dentist on time, you can avoid an operation such as tooth extraction. And the word “operation” here is not applied in a figurative sense, for a tooth is one of the parts of our body, and its removal can have considerable consequences.

That is why in modern dentistry, the principle operates: to remove the tooth only in the most extreme case, when, for example, inflammation of the roots and the symptoms of tooth abscess can cause serious complications. So even if the tooth has broken, it is often tried to restore it – the main thing is that it breaks off at least a few millimeters above the gum.

By the way, many women face this problem, and the reason for this can be quite natural: during the period when the baby is breastfed, the content of useful microelements, in this case calcium, decreases in the body of a woman, which can lead to the fact that the teeth begin to ” crumble”.

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