The covers of glossy magazines dictate to us their own standards of beauty, and many girls, in pursuit of an ideal appearance, bring irreparable harm to their body. The abuse of gastric lavage procedures and rigid diets all lead to anorexia.

Anorexia is a mental illness in which there is a refusal of habitual food, a strong desire for rapid weight loss and a fear of obesity. Anorexia is a very common disease in the modern world and now there are also clinics in Russia that are specifically dealing with the treatment of anorexia. In fact, this disease has existed for a long time, but now it can be said that at the present time an epidemic of anorexia and a lot of patients are handling this problem.

What, in fact, is the problem? What exactly happens to a person: you can observe a very large weight loss, which is associated with refusal of food or with the use of gastric lavage, or use a laxative; And at the same time it can be exhausting physical exercises, which are also aimed at losing weight. This is not only a neurotic reaction, but also certain biological mechanisms, these are the features of the structure of the brain cells, which are the cause, which have the factors for the development of this disease – and in this sense it is necessary to understand that anorexia nervosa, it requires serious treatment, including specialized Psychiatric treatment.

According to statistics from 100 girls aged 13-14 2 diagnosed with “anorexia.” Parents should pay attention in time to the adolescent’s appetite and at the slightest signs of anorexia should immediately contact a dietitian and psychiatrist. Treatment is assigned to the patient’s condition and the degree of neglect of the disease. The desire to lose weight and look great, but in every case you need to know the measure. Love yourself, your health is most important.

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