An affordable and easy way to lose weight in problem areas of the body

An affordable and easy way to lose weight in problem areas of the body

Every time coming to the mirror, personally I am very worried about the changes that occurred in my figure after the birth. But I’m happy that I have two wonderful children, whom I really love, and a boy and a girl. What else do you want? .. But I so want to regain even a little bit of the old figure. And I started leafing through magazines in an attempt to find tips, recommendations that would help me get closer to my “dream.”

Some of what I still found, and this I want to share with you today in this particular article. In it we will consider such a question: “How to lose weight and quickly remove from the problem areas of the body, such as the waist, stomach, buttocks and hips extra centimeters?” And to help us will come accessible to each means and easy recipe procedures for weight loss.

So, we proceed to our sorcery, which as a result will help us to throw off the ill-fated few kilograms without harming our body 🙂

To do this you will need: one bag of clay, blue or white, cinnamon and essential oils of citrus – lemon, orange, grapefruit. Then you need to mix clay and cinnamon in a pot of ceramic or glass, add three drops of essential oils of grapefruit, lemon and orange, and slowly pour in warm water, stirring all the time until the uniformity and density of sour cream.

On problematic areas where you need to get rid of extra inches (waist, stomach, buttocks, thighs), apply this mixture. Then to enhance the effect, you need to wrap yourself in a food film and put on something warm.

You can also improve the result with exercise. Wait one hour, then use warm water to remove the mixture from the body. Or alternately cold and hot shower with anti-cellulite massager. This will increase blood circulation, increase skin tone and help to get rid of excess centimeters faster. Anti-cellulite cream after shower will strengthen the effect of the procedure. For lack of such cream, you can use any other light cream, adding to it a couple drops of grapefruit or orange oil. Cream rub in the palms and apply with massage movements to the problem areas.

This procedure can be done several times a week, best in a day. The ideal time for this procedure in the evening before going to sleep. And after three or four applications, all your acquaintances will ask you advice how to lose weight and remove the extra centimeters, as the results will be visible to the naked eye.

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