Alternative Medicine Instruction in India

India is home to distinct alternative and complementary treatment flows. Before the arrival of Allopathy into the land by British rulers, Siddha and Ayurveda were the only treatment choices available. The suppression of natural treatment systems for the benefit of Allopathy has dwindled the value of Yoga, Ayurveda and Siddha over time.

Now there’s newfound resurrection for Ayurveda and other alternative medications. The single most significant reason towards Ayurveda and why people turning away from Allopathy is an almost complete absense of side effects with Ayurveda medications and the fact that side effects common with Allopathy.

Now classes have been understood by Authorities for all kinds of alternative medications. Ayurveda medical schools under direct government control are the primary centres of ayurveda schooling in India.

Training centres, hospitals, treatment centres, resorts with Ayurvedic treatment facilities etc are primary areas where employment can attempt.

Independent trainers and physicians that are established also have lot of range in Ayurveda treatment, development and research sectors.

Ayurveda Universities that are distinct work from India. A common resource centre to get info on all systems of medications in India is at

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