Altai grass

Altai grass

About herbs, we hear a lot of know how useful and effective in the treatment of various diseases, as well as preventing the exacerbation of chronic diseases, enhance immunity and increase vitality. The vegetative world of the Mountain Altai is amazingly rich, it is an inexhaustible pharmacy of nature that has given us thousands of herbs, plants that can prolong our lives, cure diseases, give strength, cheerfulness and a mood to live.

Recently, herbalists are more and more surprised not to individual plants, but to their collections. This is really the right direction, plants in the collection can enhance the effect, complementing each other, have a positive effect on the body as a whole. But the composition of fees – this is real art, which is subject only to real herbalists, healers, who devoted their whole lives to collecting herbs, who know the medicinal properties of not only the plants themselves, but also their parts, roots, stems, seeds, leaves.

The healing power of herbs

A huge variety of herbs offers us Altai land, each plant has a certain direction in the treatment of human diseases. How can you classify herbs:

Herbal preparations for the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases.

Herbal preparations that increase the resistance of orgasm to seasonal catarrhal diseases, vitamin and immunomodulating dues.

Herbal preparations to reduce nervous excitability, contributing to a full sleep and restoration of strength.

Herbs for regulating and reducing blood sugar.

Medicinal herbs for cardiovascular diseases, fees for hypotension and hypertension.

Herbal preparations for the prevention and restoration of female health and reproductive function.

Many of the healing properties of the herbs of Mountain Altai have been transferred to us by their ancestors, their experience in the treatment of ailments has been proved by efficiency and recovery.

The ecology of the mountainous Altai is impeccable, thousands of medicinal herbs grow in natural natural conditions, they are nourished by natural strength, energy of places, which strengthen the effect when used. Nourished by the healing power of nature itself, plants give human health, longevity, youth.

Herbal preparations are used in the form of infusions, dues, alcohol extracts, also for taking phytovans, phytoparic saunas.

Siberian herbs of the Altai Mountains are a storehouse of health and longevity!

How to drink herbal teas and dues correctly

The strength of the effect of tea or herbal collection depends on the observance of the rules for the collection and processing of plants. Herbalists of the Altai collect plants manually, selecting for infusions and fees only full-fledged healthy plants, and their individual parts. Proper use of herbal preparations begins exactly from the moment of its collection and processing. By trusting those who have been engaged in phytosols for many years, you will protect yourself from poor-quality herbs and useless treatments.

To use herbal preparations is necessary after consulting a doctor, you should make sure that you do not have contraindications to the use of herbs.

The effect of phototherapy occurs usually after 3-4 weeks of use.

Choose herbal preparations, which include from 3-5 types of herbs. The more different herbs are included in the composition, the more difficult it is to predict the reaction and its effect on the body. But remember, fees are more effective than single plants. Consult the herbalists and pick up the fees on the advice of specialists.

Brew herbs as needed on the packaging or accompanying instructions. Herbs are not brewed all the same, so there are no uniform rules, follow the recommendations. Various methods of brewing can be used to treat various diseases.

Knowing the simple rules of phytotherapy, you will achieve the desired result, it is important not to give up halfway and cope with the ailment once and for all.

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