All Healing Mustard

All Healing Mustard

In everyday life, we are accustomed to using and using mustard rather more as a seasoning, and few people already remember about its medicinal properties. Her properties were legendary even in the time of Hippocrates.

Due to its properties, it is capable of:

Get rid of a strong cough;

Promote cure for colds;

Decrease or vice versa improve appetite;

To remove a toothache;

To get rid of hypertension;

To treat diseases of internal organs;

Rid of rheumatism;

Cure neuralgia;

Cope with the gout;

Get rid of hemorrhoids;

Get rid of cellulite;

Cope with skin imperfections;

Will help get rid of acne.

This is only a small part of its capabilities. If you have intercostal neuralgia, then, according to the source, in this case, too, mustard. To relieve the pain, the sore spot needs to be warmed up, you can put a usual mustard plaster or dilute the mustard powder in warm water to the state of gruel, apply it to a piece of tissue and apply a tissue to the sore spot so that there is no burning sensation. On top you need to cover with parchment or polyethylene, attach a warm scarf or blanket and hold for 20 minutes.

Mustard is used in cosmetics, in folk and traditional medicine. The main difference is in the ways it is applied. Much depends on the variety of used mustard. It can be as: dry, in grains and in the form of grass, which can be dried for further and longer storage.

To the most widespread methods, probably, it is possible to carry: compresses, mustard plasters or inhalation.

Also there are little-known methods of using mustard, to which even unusual, like dishwashing, can be attributed.

To clear the lungs of mucus – rub a small amount of dry mustard on the chest or back area, and from above place a wet towel in warm water for thirty minutes.

To get rid of blisters or to prevent their occurrence with a burn – apply a dried mustard on the burned area after a small treatment of the wound. This method contributes to the disappearance of pain in this area, and is also an excellent antibacterial agent.

Mustard wrap – helps to get rid of both cellulite and weight loss.


– a couple of tablespoons of dry mustard;

-small amount of honey or sugar, preferably a teaspoon;

Two tablespoons of olive oil;


-years of citrus oil. Better to use ethereal.

After mixing all the ingredients with water, apply and wrap this place with food film. Keep the mixture should be about twenty to thirty minutes, wrapped in, something warm. Over time, the wrapping time can be increased. The main thing is not to overdo it and give the skin a habit, just be careful when adding other ingredients, especially vinegar.

If before you never used mustard for medicinal purposes, be very careful. Do not forget that even, it would seem, such seemingly harmless ingredients have contraindications.

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