Affirmations for attracting luck, abundance and love

Affirmations for attracting luck, abundance and love

Affirmations are a powerful and at the same time simple way of influencing your subconscious. Affirmations are positive statements, and if you daily adjust your mind to positive, then soon in your life will begin to occur positive changes. We offer you a selection of affirmations for attracting luck, abundance and love.

Each my new day is filled with joy. I always have good luck and a good mood.

I always get it. I am open to the source of divine riches.

I easily with pleasure and pleasure receive money.

I live in a world of well-being, goodness and abundance. Divine inspiration guides me in all my affairs.

A sense of calm overwhelms me. Sacred love surrounds my soul. An inexhaustible source of inspiration tells me the right way.

I enjoy every minute I’ve lived. My life is a holiday filled with the energy of love and pleasure.

I forgive all people for whom I once had a grudge and become an absolutely free person. I wish every person happiness.

I’m open to the miracle and magic of life. Everything happens the highest and best for me and for the whole universe.

Beauty lights up my soul and all my being. I always get it. The victory is always for me.

I am surrounded only by successful, literate and highly intelligent people. They are pleased to be in my environment. They experience the joy of communicating with me.

I always get what I need. I am grateful to the Universe for its abundance and prosperity.

I live an amazing and magnificent life and attract in it all the best.

Money comes into my life freely and easily. I accept them with love and joy in my heart.

Everything that I touch brings me even more luck and luck. Fortune is always on my side.

I choose only positive thoughts. They bring me confidence, peace and composure.

I think creatively. My thoughts are always aimed at health, well-being and success.

The power and love that is inside me is constantly growing. My heart is filled with harmony and peace.

Every new day brings a lot of useful discoveries for me. My world loves me, and I love it.

I know my true nature, my “higher self,” through the events that destiny gives me. I am a gifted, talented and confident person.

I see endless opportunities for growth and progress. I am improving and becoming better: physically, mentally and spiritually.

I choose to move forward towards my goals. My intuition will always show me the right way.

I am under the protection of the light heavenly powers. I send my love from the bottom of my heart to the world. I’m safe. Whatever happens and does not happen I will always stay in my good.

Affirmations can be repeated both aloud and to themselves, the effectiveness will be the same. The main thing is to direct your mind in a positive direction and then, luck, abundance and love will be the constant companions of your life!

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