Advantages of sexual relations during pregnancy

It’s not a secret for anyone that many couples have violent sexual relations from the onset of pregnancy, until its completion. And for some, there are only a few intimate contacts for the entire waiting period for the baby. Experts recommend regular sexual relations, in the event that there are no special medical contraindications. Many “pregnant” couples may have a question: is sex safe during pregnancy, what are the benefits of intimacy during the period of gestation, what position should the spouses choose in order to receive pleasure from sex, and so on.

We can say that there are quite a few positive moments in this situation. Partners experience new sensations, re-learn each other in new circumstances. To positive moments, one can include the parameter that partners can not follow the use of contraceptives, which means that they can feel their freedom. It is not necessary to remember if a contraceptive is taken, to worry that a condom will break.

Often, the fair sex during the bearing of the child becomes liberated, more sensual, because pregnancy and childbirth stimulate the development of true femininity of the body. In this situation, it may appear that nature gives pregnant women the opportunity to better understand and feel their body, to experience and accept the nuances of bodily feelings that have arisen. Differences of “pregnant” sex from the classical begin to appear only in the second and third trimester, they consist only in the presence of a growing tummy. Specialists have long noted that such a woman’s condition is an increase in her libido. She feels a stronger attraction than before the onset of conception.

It is worth noting that the issue of refusing intimate relationships for nine months is considered individually by each pair, but there are several important parameters. The main source that a pregnant woman should trust is her doctor, a gynecologist, who watches the pregnancy. If a specialist recommends sexual rest, the couple should take this as an emergency. For all this, doctors recommend abstaining from sexual relations during the first trimester of pregnancy and during the ninth month, because in the first three months the risk of miscarriage is high, and at the latest terms – the risk of premature birth.

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