Advantages of magnificent forms

Advantages of magnificent forms

It is not true that completeness is a defect or a disease. Be unwell can thin. In addition, weight and parameters are laid by nature and not always the desired 50 kg are considered the norm. In addition, there are certain advantages of lush forms and one should not try to get rid of them.

Of course, the fashion for full girls is most common in countries and cities where residents are close to nature. Women living in the megacities of civilized states, with maniacal insistence, tend to lose weight, even if they are already slender. Therefore, the fullness began to be considered almost a disease prevalent in the province and among people who do not aspire to the rabid rhythm of a large city.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of men prefer pyshechku in juice, than the “dried vobla” with an extinct eye.

Naturally, it is necessary to see the difference between “pleasant fullness” and beginning obesity, beating on health. Of course, everything is individual, but on average, women who have not crossed the three-digit line on the scales may not worry.

Believe me, you can weigh 80-90 kg and be well-groomed and tightened, and you can rattle with bones and look terrible with your 40 kg and sagging dull skin. To choose to you, the main thing, not to do much harm to health.

The girls “in the body” have undeniable advantages over the thin:

• They do not subordinate their lives to diets, restrictions and debilitating sports, which means that they have time to pay attention to their relatives, communicate with their friends and they can support a conversation on a subject other than fitness.

• Pyshki has a more resilient body and chest. Without tormenting yourself with hunger strikes, you will not lose the elasticity of the skin and will not get premature wrinkles.

• Women with wide hips and a small tummy are easier to bear and give birth to a child.

• Finally, the fullness is not a hindrance to sexuality, attractiveness and charm.

But sometimes you just need to lose weight for health

In this case, we urge you to abandon the rigid diets. Believe, bringing health to the altar of the figure, you will not be prettier.

Start with the power. Remember, you must eat, not starve! Give up semi-finished products, trans fats, reduce the consumption of fried, hot and salty. Lie on fresh vegetables, boiled meat, eggs and cottage cheese. If you do not consume animal protein, your skin will be sagged and your breasts will be lost. Drink more water to remove toxins, otherwise cellulite will appear, and the body will become friable.

And move more. Do not miss the moment to walk, or twist the bicycle pedals. But do not try to load yourself into the gym like a weightlifter. So you just increase your volume, but do not lose weight. And observe in all measure – and in food restriction, and in training.

And most importantly, love yourself now, respect your body, be proud of your forms and you will be happy at any weight. Believe me, it’s better to be plump, but cheerful with a spark in your eyes, than a bony hanger with a “fishy” look.

Below you will see a photo of the famous models of dumplings, including Crystal Rennes and Chloe Marshall, which their fullness did not stop to become idols of millions.

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