Advantages And Utility Of Trikanasana

Trikanasana is also called the Triangle Pose. This name was given to this asana as and when you examine the asana it is simple to see. It’s an excellent way to lose some of the extra weight you’ve been taking all along.

If you’re looking for a curved waist line and a great body, this is the pose. It helps in treating a difficulty with your lower back area, rheumatism and lumbago. It’s an excellent asana to make arms and your shoulders flexible. By doing this asana a stiff body can reach a state of flexibility. It’s direct impact in your muscles as you begin doing it.

Arms and your neck get extended. The stretches of the shoulder and neck muscles can help you recuperate from issues that are spondylitis.

The upper body is toned also. Because of the constant extending it helps your body.

It reinforces the adrenal glands, kidneys and the thyroid glands to function in a better manner and massages. It reduces the generation of the cortisol, a stress hormone, aiding you to be distressed. The hormone level is well modulated preventing many of the issues.

Your legs and buttocks are reinforced in addition to toned while doing this exercise. Blood pressure issues are rectified. This is the best thing to give you a hand in case you are experiencing constipation or digestion difficulty. Doing this exercise frequently also corrects state of the appendicitis.

The reproductive system functions pose. It helps in creating a suitable equilibrium that is immune to assist you to fight ailments.

Warning: To prevent any difficulties while doing the asanas, it’s advised that you consult with a physician and a yoga teacher.

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