Advantage of Yoga – The Christian View

The advantage of yoga is twofold – union and increased well-being of the spirit with the body. It’s achieved through using a variety of facets, but mostly through the mix of Asanas, or poses, and breathing/meditation practices.

Inside my research for this post, I was quite surprised at the point of view of the Christian apologists, and their take on its practice and yoga. I’ve hesitated on writing this post due to that view. Nevertheless, I believe that the position of the Christian community and this issue justifications reflection on the matter.

Yoga has a history dating back to the start of the culture of mankind, over five thousand years. Little is actually known about Yoga. Scholars consider it’s grown out of Stone Age Shamanism. In this early period of the starts of culture, Yoga was a community resource, due to its efforts to discover cosmic arrangement through internal vision, and use it to daily living.

It depicted figures in many Yogic Asanas, or positions, and formally set Yoga in the period of time of about 3000 B.C.

From the Indus Sarasvati culture arrived the early texts known as the Vedas, the oldest scriptures on the planet. The Vedas are a collection of hymns that includes the earliest recorded history of Yoga teachings and praise a higher power. The Vedas demanded the professional attain a higher spiritual plane, and to transcend human limitations. In later years, texts were composed to describe the hymns of the Vedas and the rites. This resulted in the start of India’s medical convention, known as Ayurveda. Overall, Yoga transformed into a lifestyle, harmony of the spirit, and a practice of well-being.

The Christian perspective is so – if the head opens to clearer thinking and internal vision, the nature opens to demonic possession. It’s believed that opening one’s mind and spirit to the advantage of yoga is dangerous and against everything Christianity preaches, and that Yoga practice edges on occultism. Christians believe that examining yoga is similar to practicing Hinduism, and one cannot distinguish their Christian beliefs and the doctrine of Hinduism, no matter the health benefit of yoga.

A Christian is anticipated to give in to the spirit of the Lord, and to open their heart and thoughts to Jesus. Head and opening one’s heart is just that – whether it’s to accept Jesus into their lives, or to look into one’s self. If, as Christians preach, we’re open to demonic possession if we open the head to all the chances and look inside ourselves, how then can we open our hearts to the theory of Christianity? Is there a gatekeeper who makes this choice when we do so that decides what course we’re to follow? I believe not…

My mom, who taught us kids to challenge everything, went to the Assembly of God churches from the Baptist community, and was ostracized by my dad. I believe that to her dying day, she resented my dad for this narrowmindedness. Life is a matter of selection, and my mom considered that we aren’t required to work under the delusion of blind beliefs, but to do what’s right to us as a person. And it’s why the Noble 8 Folded Path walk. It’s only a matter of selection, and questioning everything in this universe.

It supplies us with clearer vision, great health benefits, and harmony in our spirits. And in this time, what else is there? Whether we be Muslims, Christians, or Buddhists, we should never disrespect ideas and the feelings of others, their rights to practice as they want, or attempt to shove our views down other people’s throats. To live in harmony is just that…

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