Advantage of Yoga Part I

The practice of Yoga brings with it many psychological and physical advantages that most individuals are not aware of. This post is rather long, so we’ve broken it up into two parts. The first part is an a summary of the important physical and mental advantages of Yoga and an introduction to Yoga, while the second part reveals how practicing yoga can have a profound effect in your skill to create a healthful lifestyle for yourself.

Yoga is a science; and really, in many areas in the world (including India), it’s called a science. This isn’t just playing with words; it really is approached as a science, which means it is comprehended when it comes to scientific methods.

Develop principles based upon objective observations, and yogic science seeks to confirm cause and effect. Really, in many areas on earth one must be educated in the sciences, including the biological sciences and physics.

This talk on yoga as science is significant for us to contain because it enables us to ask the question: what are the advantages of yoga? After all, if yoga is a belief or a religion, then asking this question isn’t unfair; because it is one that yoga cannot answer in conditions that we can comprehend.

Yoga is a science; practical and as empirical as kinesiology, or exercise science, which seeks to comprehend how the body responds and acts to changes in the physical surroundings that is internal.

just as reading a novel on preparing for a marathon is not going to really physically prepare you to run a marathon ? Principles and the aims of yoga can readily be discussed.

Here’s the take on the advantages of meditation of the Mayo Clinic:

“Meditation is used by individuals who are totally healthy as a means of pressure reduction.

Yoga includes a series of positions, during which you pay particular attention to your breathing ? exhaling during specific motions and inhaling with others. It’s possible for you to approach yoga as a means to improve your spirituality or as a means to encourage physical flexibility, strength and endurance.

Yoga is centered on the head-body connection. This mind-body harmony is attained through three things:

– poses (asanas)

– appropriate breathing (pranayama)

– meditation

Body and head draw on guidance and inspiration from the combined practices of asanas, breathing, and meditation.

Physical Advantages

Harmonizing these three principles, the advantages of yoga achieved. And just what are these advantages?

– fall in beat

– respiratory and blood pressure speeds

– enhanced dexterity abilities.

– Improved equilibrium

Mental Advantages

Yoga also delivers a range of emotional advantages as noted previously; and actually, this is an extremely common reason people start practicing it in the first place. Possibly the most often mentioned emotional advantage of yoga is an improved ability to handle anxiety. Yoga reduces an individual?s degrees of stress, depression, and lethargy; so empowering him or her to concentrate on what?s significant and religious: attaining well-being and equilibrium.

In section II of the Advantage of Yoga we’ll show how yoga can help deal with unhealthy habits, pressure and pain management. The advantages of Yoga go far beyond stretches and meditation, it’s a means to release those poisonous emotions that often stand in the way of living a life that is healthy.

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