Active pregnancy: watch your weight

Active pregnancy: watch your weight

Pregnancy is a wonderful state when two hearts begin to beat in a woman, when she becomes a universe for a new, emerging being. In this phenomenon is a huge range of feelings and a wide range of sensations: from mild discomfort and toxicosis to unbearable back pain. All these ailments pass and are forgotten at the moment when the long-awaited baby is on hand. But one factor can bring unnecessary inconveniences and new complexes to a young mother – excess weight.

Excess weight of young mother

As soon as a woman about the 12th week of pregnancy receives confirmation of ultrasound that a new life is growing inside her and developing a new life, emotions overwhelm her. Moreover, hormonal changes are also taking place during this period, so changes in mood and feeling are so frequent. Against the backdrop of all this it is difficult to control what and how much is eaten, especially if there is no toxicosis.

Of course, the problem of excess weight set is not peculiar to all pregnant women, but the overwhelming majority still faces it. Especially afraid to gain weight women already having extra pounds.

The ideal option to save the figure is the classic offer not to overeat, but in conditions of constant increased appetite it is difficult to perform, especially for women who do not differ in iron willpower. Recommended in the medical centers, unloading days sometimes also become an impossible task for a pregnant body.

The only way to keep yourself in shape is movement, because movement is life, no matter how trite it may sound. Everyone knows that pregnancy is not a disease, and a good walk in the fresh air will always be in favor of the pregnant woman, except in cases of threat of miscarriage. If the doctor for any reason forbids to engage the future mother in fitness, then walks are generally recommended strongly to all pregnant women.

Experts say that walking outdoors has a lot of positive properties: it prevents the oxygen starvation in the fetus, alleviates symptoms of toxicosis at 12 weeks of pregnancy, supports weight in normal and muscle training. To take walks pregnant is recommended every day for at least two hours. This will also allow you to burn some of the excess calories you eat.

The main rule: do no harm

If health allows, and there are no medical contraindications, then the ideal option for maintaining weight in the norm is various fitness programs for pregnant women, swimming, aqua aerobics, fitball. If a woman pre-pregnancy was engaged in any sport, it is better to go to a program that takes into account the characteristics of the pregnant body. Such a program can be practiced with pleasure, without thinking about what exercises are shown, and what are contraindicated in this period.

The most favorable time for exercising is the second trimester. If there was a toxicosis, then he has already retreated, and the stomach is still very small to interfere. You can enroll in a group where pregnant women are engaged, but you can study at home on video, the main thing is not to lie on the couch, but to act. To choose the program it is necessary, proceeding from the state of health and physical preparation, there are active aerobic programs for pregnant women, and there are quiet from a series of yoga and meditation.

It is important to remember that exercises for the press are contraindicated for pregnant women, especially on its lower part, running, any jumps and sudden movements. All kinds of physical activity lift the mood, support the body in shape, nourish the baby’s oxygen. The main thing is to observe the basic rule: do no harm.

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