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Kundalini Yoga (Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī-yoga), also called Laya Yoga is a technique of yoga that is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra. It got its name by focusing on awakening kundalini energy through meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana. Practitioners call it the yoga of awareness and it focuses on cultivating the creative spiritual potential of the human to uphold values, speak truths and highlight on compassion and consciousness that is needed in order to help, serve and heal others.

Laya Yoga refers to both the techniques of yoga and its effect of absorption of an individual into the cosmic (like Raja Yoga). Laya Yoga (from the Sanskrit term laya means dissolution, extinction or absorption. It is considered the context of other yogas such as Yoga-Tattva-Upanishad, Varaha Upanishad, Goraksha Paddhati, Amaraugha-Probodha and Yoga Shastra of Dattatreya.

Yogi Bhajan, teacher and trainer at the Kundalini Research institute, came to the United States in 1969. In the same year he founded the non-profit organization 3H0, which stands for happy, healthy and holy organization. He started training students in 1970 and founded the Kundalini Research Institute in 1971. The institute was given permission to train people in yoga and allowing to hand out diplomas.


What Is Kundalini Yoga?




Kundalini yoga is a part of Raja Yoga which combines traditional yoga’s eight elements. Yogi Bhajan was a disciple of two leading Kundalini masters, Sant Singh Hazare and Suru Ram Das. Hazare was declared a master at the approximate age of 16 and years later when Bhajan first started teaching yoga in the West, he met Guru Ram Das who gave him his own meditation mantra.


The History of Kundalini




The art of Kundalini Yoga has been passed down for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Over the past 500 years, the tradition converged with that of Sikh Gurus’ teachings. This includes the teachings of Guru Nanak, Guru Ram Das and Guru Gobind Singh. These teachings are a combination of other yoga teachers from the province of Punjab in India.

Through Guru Nanak’s son, Baba Siri Chand (a yoga master), he created the “Udas”. Chand taught students all levels of yoga over a 100 years ago. He taught several gurus when they were very young and Yogi Bhajan was the first to openly teach Kundalini Yoga in the West and the East. The flow of knowledge is communicated by a method known as the golden chain which links artists on a astral level, through the body.


What Does Kudalini Mean?





Translated from Kanskrit, it means “coiled like a sleeping serpent (the force) that is in a secluded place.” Ancient writings describe Kundalini as the energy behind the birth and spiritual development of man. It’s the great energy of the creation of the Universe. According to the ancient beliefs of Ayurvedic, it is a knowledge that is within every person from the moment of conception and remains dormant at the base of the spine (Muladhara chakra). It takes a lifetime of development and personal growth in order to awaken it and become fully realized.


What Is Ayurvedic?

What Is Ayurvedic



Ayurvedic medicine is a way of healing that started in ancient India. Translated from Sanskrit, ayur = life or living and veda = knowledge. Therefore, Ayurvedic means knowledge of living.

Kundalini is the female element of divine power united. Shiva is the male element of divine power or Holy Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness. It is said that the Goddess Shakti is initially present in all living things, through creative energy, while looking to connect with her lover Shiva. The male is the conductor that connects these two principles.


Although Kundalini is the fastest way to achieve results, it’s also quite difficult and is considered the most dangerous of all Indian spiritual practices. This is because Kundalini is considered the most powerful of energies. Someone who has awakened Kundalini is completely changed on a cellular level, it changes their energy structure, their physical body and extraordinary capabilities.


Is Kundalini Really Dangerous?




First off, not all will be catapulted toward enlightenment. Therefore, the term “quickly” within the realms of nature, is still slower than that of a locomotive. Those new to kundalini yoga will probably reach enlightenment a lot slower than those with experience. There are cases with experienced knowledge in kundalini that have become quite frightened through the experience. The danger lies in the practice, the understanding and the guidance given to a student.


How It Works

How It Works



The capabilities include clairvoyance, control of gravity, intuitive comprehension and the ability to exercise other activities. The components cannot be explained through modern scientific patterns. These are irreversible changes within your perception and consciousness which can possibly change what’s important to you and those you are loyal to.

It can negate the effects of karma through a process of purification and rejuvenation. It starts to establish true wisdom, inner peace, confidence and strength. In a rare occurrence of fear, a person can die with the awakening of Kundalini.

It is said that Kundalini awakening can often produce a strong wave of energy that plunges man into mental, spiritual and physical confusion. Someone who is not ready or prepared, can be broken by this level of energy, strength and power.

Properly prepared seekers of Kundalini will receive a very effective reserve for growth and complete change within themselves. Masters of Kundalini Yoga experience the apex of human evolution. There are scholars who believe that spiritual teachers, such as Christ, were awakened by Kundalini.

In order to enter into this practice, you must fully understand the reason for wanting it. If your reasons are based on ego and pride and only wish to get to the heights of spiritual development, you probably should not continue down this path. In turn, if you are truly wanting to give love to all living beings and wish to create harmony in the world, then this is for you.

Preparing For The Awakening:

A follower must first prepare their physical, mental and body for this unique experience. It’s important to connect to the Kundalini of Hindu tantra. The basics of this practice is to put a series of dynamic, static relaxation exercises in place in order to achieve a particular effect (i.e. Kriya) which will pass energy along the spine (or kriya) for the removal of built up pain. Kundalini Yoga is based on meditation, singing mantras and various yogic postures, breathing practices and a strong focus on your consciousness.

Although there are no requirements for special physical preparation, it’s highly advisable that you go through this under the supervision of a coach. From the first encounter, it is possible to feel the effects rather quickly. You could understand and develop knowledge through basic actions and results in the body. Thereby giving you the tools of self-knowledge and strong spiritual growth.

The Steps & Process:

The methods or options of Kundalini awakening in the Bihar School of Yoga:

The Creation of the Awakening:

The awakening of Kundalini in a child is possible if the parents that are at a high spiritual level of development.

Constant Practice of Mantras:

It will take time and a great deal of patience in practicing mantras. Your guru will give you the necessary mantras you will need. Your guru should be Kundalini awakened and know Yoga and Tantra.

In order for Kundalini to awaken, then its imperative that the guru offers consciousness or “Chaitanya” to the mantra. Through the repetition of the mantra, the cit-shakti-kundalini of the mantra resonates with that of the student and thereby their kundalini is awakened.


This is the process of the purification of your mind and emotional deficiencies. This mental process will eradicate bad habits while reinforcing your will. This is the path for a strong, solitary spirit.

Awakening Through A Soma Plant:

There are ancient writings that refer to the soma, creeping plant that is gathered on special days of the moon. A special juice is prepared and consuming this juice will offer a state of clairvoyance, prophecy and revelation.

Raja Yoga:

This method allows for the improvement of your mind through deep concentration, meditation and the merging of the Absolute. Practicing Raja Yoga without prior knowledge and practice of Hatha Yoga can cause depression. This method takes a great deal of patience, discipline, perseverance and time. For most people, in this day and age, it is very difficult to do.


For a student to be sufficiently prepared; the practicing of intense Pranayama in a quiet, calm environment is necessary. Once in this state, you will eat only to maintain life while experiencing an explosion of Kundalini and meteoric rise to Sahasrara. Those not prepared physically, mentally, emotionally or intellectually will experience a burst of energy that can be harmful. Pranayama is a very complicated method and many people can not deal with it.

Kriya Yoga:

This is considered the easiest method for people today. It can cause intense conflict . When awakening Kundalini, using this method, can force you to close your eyes and fall asleep. This is due to the overall behavior of those who practice Kriya Yoga. They often pay too much attention to everyday things. They will either choose to eat a great deal or not eat at all. These people often sleep during the day and then suffer from insomnia at night.

Tantric Beginnings:

Those who seek to curtail their emotions, control their passions and understand the essence of the two elements of Shiva and Shakti, the guru will help to awaken Kundalini. The student will never see how naturally they crossed the path of ascent to super-conscious.


This method comes with a personal teacher. Initiated by the student, they can enter an altered state of consciousness very quickly. Shaktipat can offer up all the mantras and scriptures without any previous training. The correct shaktipat does not depend on any social status or behavior. Some can live their entire lives in renunciation and austerity and never receive shaktipat while others, living perfectly normal lives will receive the blessing of the masters on the first meeting. This all depends on their development of consciousness. It does reflect intelligence, emotions, religion or thought.

Self Denial:

Kundalini awakening will never take place if there is no desire. Believing you can aspire to anything, a belief in nature and accepting everything that comes your way; Kundalini will awaken.


The Structure of Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga Classes



Singing of mantras; warming up and preparing the body and mind to the main complex – Kriya which is focused on a specific effect on the body and mind. Relaxation should take ten minutes, meditation is directed toward a specific effect and the class ends with mantra chanting.

Kundalini Yoga is designed to clear negative emotions. This can happen in a matter of hours vs under the guide of a psychologist that could take months or even years. This practice can help you to overcome any dependencies and/or addictions. It has been shown to be effective, without the use of drugs, for the developing awareness of your own body while stimulating your immune system.

For those looking for physical improvement; you will develop more flexibility, better joint movement, improved organ functions, better skin, weight, respiratory improvement and overall good health.


The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga



Strengthening the nervous system

Improving metabolism (weight loss)

Greater blood circulation

Growth, vitality and energy

Cope with stress

Relaxation of body & mind

Balancing the endocrine system

Cleansing blood

Working with neuroses & psychoses

Strengthening the immune system

Sexual problems & dysfunction improvements

Remove bad habits & addictions

The beauty of practicing Yoga are the different types and different effects. The first step is to research and find what form of yoga would be best for you. There are many articles online to read up on and see what feels good to you. There probably are some yoga schools in your area where you can stop by, talk to the people running the school and to various students.

Yoga is a wonderful, relaxing experience. It has helped people relieve themselves of stress, cleared their minds and given them a new outlook on life. Yoga has been incorporated in the many medical practices for patients with chronic illnesses and physically debilitating conditions.




What is Kundalini Yoga?

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