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 History, philosophy and description of hatha yoga


history of hatha yoga


The strict interpretation of the word hatha – power, rage, brutality, need, power. Likewise it symbolizes: ha = sun, tha = moon; the equalization or the sun and moon frame a union of yoga. Hatha Yoga – Yoga of control over the body and over the physical way of man.


As per the teachings of yoga, the pragmatic investigation of Hatha Yoga gives man perfect wellbeing, expands life and gives new powers and capacities that a standard individual does not have and which appear to be verging on inexplicable.


Hatha Yoga, How to make the framework showed up in medieval India. Its major objective is the same as that of all the primordial types of yoga: to beat the egotistical personality and I appreciate or get a handle on their unique nature. In any case, psycho-profound system of Hatha Yoga is especially centered around the improvement of substantial impulses so that the body can withstand the troubles of the unbelievable. A few analysts tend to see blissful states like samadhi as a simply mental occasion that is not valid. Actually, late investigative confirmation recommends that this biochemical changes in the body are essential in acquiring test information states, thus, with significant impacts on the sensory system. Also, the experience of euphoric union happens in the strong state. Hatha Yogi, thusly, tries to temper the body – great “smolder” it, as the content says.


In particular, that edification itself influences the entire body. This is the way the Enlightenment one of the present day yoga instructors: “Illumination is man – it is Enlightenment absolute body-mind totally It is a real edification or change of the entire body-psyche of the individual completely in radiation power, Love and Light, that foresees and surpasses numerous kinds. speed wonders or non-noticeable light, and all the structures or animals that rush about in the exceptional world, whether they are thin or unpleasant. ”


The primary objective of hatha yoga – a solid body. In the meantime, hatha yoga readies the physical assemblage of man to bear every one of the troubles identifying with the working it higher mental strengths – higher awareness, will, exceptional feelings, and so on. These strengths are the normal individual won’t work. Their enlivening and improvement offers ascend to incredible strain and weight on the physical body. What’s more, on the off chance that it is not prepared or arranged extraordinary activity, similar to the case in his standard undesirable state, it won’t have the capacity to withstand such weight and not able to adapt to the diligent work of organs of recognition and cognizance, which is unavoidably connected to the advancement of higher forces and capacities. To give a chance to the heart, mind, sensory system (and different bodies whose part in human mental life is minimal known, and some of the time even obscure to Western science) to withstand the weight of new capacities, the entire body must be adjusted, orchestrated, cleaned, put all together and prepared for another, massively diligent work that anticipates him.


Yogis worked out an arrangement of principles managing and controlling the exercises of the diverse organs of the body. Yogis find that the body can not give itself. Senses enough entirely regulate its exercises, and it is fundamental the intercession of reason.


One of the fundamental thoughts of yoga on the body is that in its characteristic express, the body is not an impeccable framework, as is frequently thought.


Hatha yogis figure out how to control breathing, blood flow and anxious vitality. They are, holding your breath, stop all elements of the body, place him into a laziness in which individuals without damage to themselves can stay at whatever time without nourishment and air; and the other way around, can upgrade breathing and making it cadenced and synchronous with the pulse, to retain the enormous supply of life constrain and utilize this force like for the treatment of their very own and others maladies. It is trusted that yogis are equipped for determination to stop the blood stream in any part of the body or, then again, send back the abundance new blood vessel blood and anxious vitality. What’s more, in view of this strategy for treatment.


By figuring out how to control the body, the individual in the meantime figures out how to possess the whole material universe.


The human body is a universe in smaller than usual. It has everything – from mineral to God. Also, it is for the hatha yogis is not only a more interesting methods of expression, just like the genuine truth. Through his body man is in fellowship with the whole material universe. Water, encased in his body, interfaces individuals from everywhere throughout the globe with water and air, oxygen in his body, joins human with all the oxygen in the universe, guideline of life – with every single living thing on the planet.


СоIt is clear why this ought to be. Water, which is a part of the human body is not isolated from water outside the body, but rather just as it courses through the human; generally as the air, every one of the chemicals the body, and so forth – They essentially go through the body.


By figuring out how to oversee diverse standards ( “spirits” on the mysterious phrasing), individuals from his body, the individual can deal with the same standards, spilled in the universe, that is, “Spirits of nature”.


In any case, the right comprehension of the standards of Hatha Yoga instructs man to comprehend the laws of the universe and their place on the planet.


Indeed, even fundamental nature with the standards and practices of hatha yoga demonstrates the inconceivable possibility of examining Yoga without an educator and without his steady supervision. The outcomes got by the techniques for hatha yoga, are similarly the consequence of the work of the understudy and the educator to work with him.


In different Yogas this may not be so clear. In any case, hatha yoga in that there is probably, particularly when concentrating on hatha yoga asanas comprehended standards.


Asana – a name given to a specific hatha yoga body stances and the yogi must figure out how to take them. A large portion of these positions, at first sight, appear to be totally unthinkable; it appears that for their execution or a man need not have bones, ligaments or break all.


There is as of now an adequate number of photographs and even motion pictures, delineating the asanas; the trouble of these stances is clear to any individual who had the chance to see them. Indeed, even the portrayal of asanas that can be found in books on hatha yoga, show their trouble and essentially incomprehensible for the normal individual. Be that as it may, hatha yogis take in these asanas, ie habituate the body to acknowledge the most unrealistic postures.


Everybody can attempt to learn one of the least demanding asanas. This is the “stance of Buddha”, so named on the grounds that the sitting Buddha is generally delineated in this asana. The least difficult structure it is a circumstance where yogis sitting with folded legs, yet not in Turkish, thus that one foot was gone to on the inverse thigh, the thigh and the other – on the inverse foot. Legs while firmly squeezed to the ground and to each other. Indeed, even this asana, the easiest of all, is incomprehensible without a long and hard preparing. Be that as it may, simply depicted posture is not really a full asana. In the event that we precisely take a gander at the Buddha statues, one can see that both feet are on his heels hips up. In this position, the legs are intertwined to the point that stance appears to be inconceivable without broken bones. Be that as it may, individuals who have been in India, saw and captured this asana in its full frame.


There are inside stances which comprise in changing different inward capacities, for example, speeding up or deceleration of the heart and the whole dissemination. Further, they permit a man to oppress an entire arrangement of interior capacities that are outside human ability to control, as well as frequently totally obscure to European science.


The significance and extreme objective of outside asanas is decisively to accomplish control over the inner capacities.


Self-asana is outlandish troubles. There is a portrayal of more than seventy asanas, however even the most finish and point by point depictions don’t give direction on the request in which they ought to be concentrating on. This request can not be indicated in the books, since it relies on upon the physical sort of individual.


We can say that there is one or a few asanas that he can learn and hone without hardly lifting a finger for every individual than others. Be that as it may, the man does not know his physical sort, does not recognize what asanas are for him the least demanding with which it ought to start asanas. What’s more, it is obscure preliminary activities, distinctive for every asana for each physical sort.


This can be understood for him just an educator, having full learning of hatha yoga.


Concentrate inaccurately chose asanas causes verging on inconceivable troubles. Also, as expressed in the books, putting forward the standards of hatha yoga “asana execution is not effectively slaughters a man.”


This demonstrates the dedication is very clear that the investigation of hatha yoga, and additionally different yogas, without an instructor is unthinkable.


The primary strategy for Hatha Yoga, which permits you to curb the will of the physical body and even oblivious substantial capacities; it’s a persistent work to conquer the agony.


Overcoming torment, overcoming apprehension of physical enduring, beating the consistent hunger for peace, satisfaction and comfort – this makes a power that conveys hatha yogi to another level of being.


In the writing, for the most part theosophical on the historical backdrop of the standards and procedures of Hatha Yoga, there is the accompanying distinction of conclusion. Some creators say that the investigation of yoga should essentially start with hatha yoga, yoga without which no outcomes. Different writers contend that Hatha yoga can be considered after alternate yogas, particularly after Raja Yoga, when the understudy as of now has all the forces that give him another cognizance.


Native hatha yoga dependably requires that it came as a psycho spiritual policy and serving the incomprehensible. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the most surely understood initiative of this school, this condition is communicated as tails: All method for Hatha Yoga are intended to accomplish flawlessness in Raja Yoga. Man, established in Raja Yoga, overcomes passing.


What good is Hatha Yoga?




Hatha Yoga – the way to health, as yoga activities restore appropriate spinal structure, have a controlling impact on the endocrine framework, standardizes the activity of the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and different frameworks of the body. Clarify the mending impacts of yoga might be the way that the asanas (body stances) and pranayama (breathing activities) successively kneads all organs of the body are prepared vast as well as little gatherings of muscles, healingly affect all aspects of the body.


Hatha yoga – is the best approach to determine passionate issues, making a happy, brilliant state of mind. The instrument of this change is to evacuate the purported solid defensive layer, shackles the human body.


German clinician Wilhelm Reich found that at the time when the individual gets any mental injury, passionate anxiety stays in the body as muscle memory clasps. Slowly, the quantity of terminals increments, and the man is binded to the shell is not completely permitted mental clashes. Muscle shell prompts the way that a man is a lifetime with a past stuns, fears and encounters, and along these lines their view of the world as excellent and flawless creation is to a great extent thwarted.


Asanas and pranayama crushes muscle shell and keep the arrangement of new terminals. Man liberated from the solid shell, equipped for encountering a full delight of life, the delight of a kid, the blessed and illuminated.


Hatha Yoga prompts a considerable increment in scholarly capacities. Yogic practice, particularly if the professional is youthful, builds up the right interhemispheric association of the cerebrum, frames the uprightness and interrelation of all mental procedures influence the spatial considering, educates imaginative, adaptable way to deal with any errand, enhances the quality and capacity to focus.


Hatha Yoga gives magnificence, expands a man’s allure. Specialists are wonderful stance and thin body, as well as figure out how to move effortlessly, in this manner making an emanation of allure and appeal, having to his partners. Hatha yoga builds up the character characteristics, for example, quality of will, determination, perseverance, which is critical in the present day world overflowing with burdens.


In hatha yoga there is a substantial arrangement of activities went for unwinding, stress help and stretch amassed amid the day, bringing about enhanced nature of rest a man gets magnificent condition of health and lively state amid the day, the capacity to withstand overwhelming burdens than some time recently.


Utilizing Hatha yoga is not constrained by age, and for every time of life created strategies that take care of issues that are particular to this age bunch. Condensing all the above, we can say that Hatha yoga – is an exceptional framework that takes care of the squeezing issues of humankind, helping in the advancement and harmonization of all parts of the human body and mind. The strategies by which issues are settled, straightforward, energizing and available to just about everybody. This clarifies the developing enthusiasm for Hatha yoga everywhere throughout the world.


The purpose of hatha yoga


purpose of hatha yoga


To clean the psyche, the body must be subjected to a procedure of total cleansing. Hatha Yoga is otherwise called the art of cleaning. What’s more, not simply purging and six distinctive sorts of decontamination.


The body must be cleaned in six distinctive routes by the six poisons. At the point when the body is scrubbed of these debasements, nadi start to capacity and vitality pieces vanish. At that point the vitality starts to move as wave recurrence on channels inside the physical structure and achieve specifically to the mind.


In this way, hatha yoga is thought to be the underlying routine of Tantra, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Kriya Yoga. At the point when the rishis found


the investigation of Hatha Yoga, they didn’t consider yoga treatment. In spite of the fact that yoga has turned out to be viable in curing the arrangement of substantial and hopeless sicknesses, the mending properties of yoga – only a coincidental by-item.


The fundamental reason for hatha yoga – the formation of a flat out parity and cooperation of the procedures of the physical body, brain and vitality. At the point when such a parity exists, conceived driving forces that inspire the focal power (sushumnanadi), which is in charge of the improvement of human awareness. On the off chance that hatha yoga is polished for different purposes, its primary reason for existing is lost.


Game of the internal energy




To clear up this subject, it termed “Hatha”, ie ha and tha yoga, a blend of two Bija Mantras. In Hatha Yoga clarifies that tha – it prana, the life power, and ha – um, mental vitality. Hence, Hatha Yoga implies union of pranic and mental powers. At the point when the pranic and mental strengths meet up in man there is an incredible occasion. This enlivening of higher awareness.


Pranashakti, the life power, and manasshakti, mental quality, – two principal maker. Any item in the universe, from the littlest iota to the mammoth stars, comprises of the two shakti or vitality. When they interface with each other, when there is a round of two-sakti, then creation happens.


At the point when these shakti isolated or broke down in the source, then the creation vanishes. This is an incredible pralaya, ie, the outright obliteration of the matter. Advanced material science affirms this hypothesis.


All matter in the universe is alive. This is the main principle. It additionally has a cognizance. This is the second run the show. Subsequently, all have the potential awareness of every single living thing. In yoga, life and awareness are known as Prakriti and Purusha, in Tantra – both Shiva and Shakti. In hatha yoga known as ida and pitala, in Taoism – the yin and yang, and in material science – matter and vitality. At various times and in various customs they were given diverse names. Our physical body, as we see it, is a gross observation. In the event that you take a gander at his otherworldly vision, or use exceptional electronic gear, maybe you will find that it has a slender twin.


What happens inside when you begin to think about? In the event that you ever pondered about this, please attempt at this moment. What is an idea? What happens within us when the thought shaped when it vanishes when one thought after another, or when they meddle with each other? This diversion is called Shakti.


Congruity amongst positive and negative numbers.


In hatha yoga there is the idea of harmonization of the two sorts of shakti, or vitality, in man, in light of the fact that as a rule they stay lopsided and non-fit structure.


Some of the time there is a pranicshakti, stifling mental shakti, in different cases, a prevailing mental shakti, a result of this lopsidedness or hold physical sickness or mental issue are showed to a more prominent degree. At the point when pranashakti is liable to mental, individuals are pulled in to attacks of franticness. They will probably get to be clients of facilities and safe houses for the rationally sick. This is on account of they have an excessive number of mental and too little shakti adjusting its pranicshakti. At the point when the pranicshakti is prevailing and subordinate mental shakti is, individuals get furious, irritable, try to: wars, perpetrate murder and different wrongdoings – all in all, tend to any sort of viciousness. This effect uneven pranicshakti.


Accordingly, the fundamental thought of hatha yoga – to make agreement between the two incredible forces, known as Ida and Pingala.


In hatha yoga essentially happens purging the whole body instrument, the greater part of the physical complex. You ought to dependably comprehend that the body, brain and soul – is not three unique elements, as a solidarity. On one level, you can see the presence of the body. On another level, you see this as a reason. Never to be seen independently from the soul of the body and the body separated from the soul. This is a solitary unit.


Agreement amongst positive and negative powers.


In hatha yoga there is the idea of harmonization of the two sorts of shakti, or vitality, in man, on the grounds that for the most part they stay uneven and non-orchestrated structure. Now and then there is a pranicshakti, smothering mental shakti, in different cases, an overwhelming mental shakti. As a result of this irregularity happens or physical sicknesses, or mental maladies show in a more noteworthy degree. At the point when pranashakti is liable to mental, individuals are pulled in to attacks of franticness. They will probably get to be clients of centers and havens for the rationally sick. This is on the grounds that they have excessively numerous mental and too little shakti adjusting its pranicshakti. At the point when the pranicshakti is prevailing and subordinate mental shakti is, individuals get furious, cranky, energetic to war, carry out homicide and different violations – all in all, tend to any sort of viciousness. This effect lopsided pranicshakti.


In this manner, the fundamental thought of hatha yoga – to make congruity between the two extraordinary forces, known as Ida and Pingala. In hatha yoga principally happens purifying the whole body system, the greater part of the physical complex. You ought to dependably remember that the body, brain and soul – is not three unique substances, as a solidarity. On one level, you can see the presence of the body. On another level, you see this as a reason. Never to be seen independently from the soul of the body and the body separated from the soul. This is a solitary unit.






Mantra in the act of Hatha yoga are utilized to pick up a steady contact with the estimation of the prana – body vitality. Rehashing mantras permits you to “prepare” and genuine advancement to mental procedures of cognizance – Raja Yoga, through the fortifying of centering aptitudes. Recitation of mantras while performing asanas initiates the Kundalini process, the development of indispensable wind (Vayu) and advances the improvement of a more unpretentious condition of cognizance and vitality than if it was only a “real practice ‘asana.


For the most part, in the yoga focuses that have set themselves the errand just recovery, outer improvement and fortifying of the body – not utilized mantric recipe. This demonstrates a low level of instruction and preparing in the triviality of such schools. Showing utilizing mantras requires the teacher’s capacity to disclose unmistakably to pass on to the brain of professionals, such a muddled strategy.


Some of the time the organization of games focuses studiously maintains a strategic distance from the consideration of such process in their munitions stockpile, as fears of anecdotal allegations of sectarianism and harm business. As a consequence of Yoga “take away the freedom” and classes are like physical training.


The showing Hatha Vidya applies at first to the tantric routine of frameworks, the estimation of the astral world, in the event that you utilize the mysterious phrasing. This vibration arrangement, light, shading, sound and shape. Sound (Nama Sabda) and structure (rupa) – are indistinguishable and exist in space in the meantime. Since Hatha Yoga utilizes the physical and vitality bodies (coarse and fine body mandala), along these lines, to the best impact, in doing as such, ought to include the ideal geometric shapes of the body structures and procedures which actuate chakras and the prana, which implies the utilization of sound, picture and distinctive sorts of vibrations.


The act of Hatha Yoga, does not utilize the mantra, yantra and mandala has a little profundity and bring the relative results, for the most part the physical layer. It is critical to note that without the adjustment of awareness “sublimation harsh prana” asanas can incite the advancement of the sense of self and mental flimsiness, enthusiastic disharmony.


In Hatha Yoga practice is important to apply, as a base:


– Mantra to make a profound inclination (bhava) – “omkara” mantra instructor, divinities and defenders of yoga, and so forth .;


– The mantra for the harmonization of the mind: Shanti Mantra, fulfillment mantra, Brahman, and so on .;


– Mantra to upgrade focus – BG different levels;


– Root syllables connected with the chakras – the vitality focuses of the body BG (Lam, you Ram et al.);


– BG cleaning cognizance so that the brain is not occupied by outside and stayed stable in the flood of practice – (Om, Hum, Ram, Hrim, Soham, BG mahamantra Shiva et al.);


– Mantra to mitigate pressure after endeavors – A, Ha, A-Ham, and so forth;


– Mantras to dispose of sticking to inner self and activities for the advantage of others: Sarvamangalam, Om Tat Sat and Om Sarvesh … and others.


The mantra is to balance out breathing and in this way lessen the overabundance load when performing asanas. Mantra discharges the psychic vitality and permits you to initiate the inside assets of the intuitive, cleanse, while holding asanas, inward capacity of the brain (citta).


Vibration – the premise of an inspirational mentality


To wind up more immaculate, clean physically, enthusiastically, rationally and profoundly, it is important to pick up a more elevated amount of vibration. Indeed, even a customary individual comprehends that an awful mind-set because of the extreme vitality and causes a negative perspective, and then again, a great demeanor shows itself when rising local tone, imperativeness and stirs a positive perspective and soul. This vibration of life that we are encountering, and it is imperative that they get high caliber!



Types of Hatha Yoga training



Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga


For Good Health


AshtangaVinyasa Yoga – the most capable arrangement of hatha yoga. It contrasts from Iyengar yoga is that the activities are performed progressively. Every stance is altered for a period from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, and after that returns to the following. This permits you to actuate all metabolic procedures in the body. The premise of the activity comprises of six frameworks that bit by bit turn out to be more mind boggling. The term of the execution of each of them is 1.5 – 4 hours. Yet, even the least difficult complex contain stances that are prescribed to grow just swing to maybe a couple years after the begin of classes. Tenderfoots basically insufficient physical wellness and adaptability. Likewise, in Ashtanga is impractical to screen the right execution of every activity, and if disgracefully performed, can without much of a stretch lead to damage. So it is ideal to begin all the same with Iyengar yoga. Another unmistakable element of the AshtangaVinyasa Yoga is a lot of regard for breathing activities and fixation on certain parts of the body.


Iyengar Yoga


Iyengar Yoga


The most mainstream assortment of yoga is Hatha Yoga Iyengar. Its spread is gotten by the best versatility to the Europeans. A key minute in the classroom – the right position of the body. That is straightforwardly taught how to legitimately stand, any part of the body and how to extend and unwind.


Iyengar concocted various connections (bars, belts, rollers, covers), permitting the complex to ace the circumstance without danger to health. Appropriate utilization of these bolster materials gives support required extending and unwinding. A man takes a right position of the body without uneasiness. Moreover, it is conceivable retain sensations which ought to happen when a specific activity. As the improvement represents the utilization of helper materials is minimized and stays just in the activities, which implies unwinding, or “detached” execution.


The activities are based on the standard of Iyengar yoga ranges from the easy to the perplexing. Gradual improvement postures not just creates quality, adaptability and continuance, additionally add to more noteworthy spotlight on execution. This applies for the entire practice, as well as in every specific class.


SCHOOL Dhirendra Brahmachari


SCHOOL DhirendraBrahmachari


This custom of yogic practices effectively consolidates established Hatha yoga asanas that are performed static, with an arrangement of activities performed in flow (sthulavyayama and Sukshma-vyayama). An exceptional part is given to cleaning hones (Shaktarma) and practices went for leveling Nabhi (navel focus).


A noteworthy piece of yoga practice Brahmachari concentrated on body work, however customary classes this style solid impact on the cognizance and the psyche, so in the event that you choose to take the way of profound advancement, this style will help you to adjust the otherworldly and physical improvement.


This style has no confinements on age or sexual orientation of understudies, ideal for both the elderly who look for a delicate and tender burden and solid, physically prepared youngsters who need to get the most extreme advantage from lessons.


Execution practices can fluctuate, for novices they are exceptionally uncomplicated and simple to take after. Loads adjusted for the cutting edge man and does not require hours of preparing.


SCHOOL Swami Sivananda


SCHOOL Swami Sivananda


Sivananda Yoga – showing techniques for hatha yoga created by popular Indian yoga specialist, doctor and otherworldly ace Swami Sivananda (1887-1963).


In his school concentrates on the combination of a wide arrangement of yoga the methods for otherworldly advancement – body workout, the investigation of the Scriptures, a work of adoration, love of the Deity. In the West, Sivananda yoga classes have gotten to be prominent because of disciple Swami Vishnudevananda.


Bihar School of Yoga

Bihar School of Yoga



Swami SatyanandaSaraswati.


Bihar school of yoga established the well known pupil of Swami Sivananda. Prestigious Yogi explorer and researcher SatyanandaSaraswati made at his ashram in Munger Science Center, furnished with advanced Western innovation to examine the impact of the antiquated practices of yoga and tantra. A standout amongst the most known and compelling procedures that are connected Swami Satyananda; Yoga Nidra(yogic rest)


Static execution of a little number of generally basic asanas. Accentuation – to stir the kundalini – the fundamental innovative power, “dozing” at the base of the spine. Much consideration is paid to cleaning methods and pranayama. One of the principle components of the Satyananda Yoga – an extraordinary method of Yoga Nidra or mental yoga of rest. This kind of reflection (associated autoterapii), completed under the transcription of lying tutor when the body unwinds and the brain gets to be open to the inward encounters.





yoga life


In the past four decades of Hatha Yoga has been perceived worldwide as a helpful science, a great deal of logical examination has been directed here. Today, we show individuals hatha yoga, since it is vital. Man has ended up feeble and debilitated, and therapeutic science can’t respond to this call. Hatha Yoga, in any case, is as yet helping everybody. We don’t need you to unequivocally debilitate; however in the meantime, we should not overlook that truly gives us a hatha yoga.


Each wiped out individual is an otherworldly man. Behind the diabetic is a yogi. Behind a man experiencing wretchedness, there is a man looking. At the point when the patient wants assistance, show him yoga and improve it. Treat the sickness, however don’t stop there. Bring it with you on – in the field of profound life.


The dominant part of yoga instructors in the West are occupied with not what you require. They simply acknowledge patients with joint pain, stiffness or sleep deprivation, show them some activities – and that’s it in a nutshell. Hatha yoga is not used to the entire identity of mending. That is the reason these educators are not ready to raise the level of their understudies. Just enhances physical health is insufficient. It ought to likewise enhance emotional well-being. Nature must be changed. Individual should be changed. There ought to likewise be changed mental and psychic structure of the individual. You don’t simply feel the opportunity from sicknesses, additionally flexibility from the shackles and the notions of the brain. It is the ideal opportunity for the instructor in all parts of the world must comprehend and pass on the genuine soul of hatha yoga.



What is Hatha Yoga?

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