A woman should find time for herself

A woman should find time for herself

Your spouse. Your children. Your parents. Your job. Have you ever noticed that you do not have time for yourself? What if you had a “golden hour” – only one hour – once a day or even once a week, which you would only give to yourself?

Why do you need this

With all their obligations, many women are in no hurry to give themselves time. Women are taught that their main privilege should be to take care of others before they take care of themselves. They do not allow themselves to be number one. In general, many people think that if they are very busy, they can not find the time for themselves. And just because you are so busy, you need a golden hour. He is one of the easiest ways to take care of himself.

Take time

Of course, any busy woman knows that finding a golden hour is not always easy. You must be accented and set up to find a special time for yourself. If you can not do this, then you need to consider your actions and priorities. Keep track of everything you do for one week. When the week has come to an end, consider your schedule. During the analysis, you will find some own actions that must be eliminated, postponed or delegated to someone else. Keep in mind that it is normal – to share the workload, both at home and at work. You’re not the only one who can do certain things.

And when you start to find time for yourself, remember that you can do this gradually. If you can not find an hour every day, start with the hour every week or 10 minutes every day. You can enjoy it so that you finally find a way to devote more time to yourself.

Find a place

Your golden hour will not allow you to relax enough if you spend it surrounded by your children, a mountain of underwear and a portfolio full of work. The best place for a golden hour is where you do not usually spend time. But although a change of place is important, there is not always the need to leave home. At home, you can easily relax a foam bathroom or a large comfortable armchair with your laptop in the company of your favorite music. If you can not find peace and relax at home, it is better to go out. Visit the library or bookstore. Go out for a walk. Find a bench in the park and read or write in your journal. The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy the moment

Now that you have the time and place, how should you dispose of your golden hour? Yes, as you wish! To look after yourself, remember what you love to do yourself, and make it a priority, regardless of everything else. Sometimes there is a high value in doing nothing. So do not hesitate to go down on an armchair, raise your legs and dream.

Do not blame yourself

Wines. It seems to go hand in hand with being a woman, especially when it comes to finding time for yourself. After all, if a woman does something for herself, this implies that she does not do something for her husband, her children or her boss, right? Wrong. Taking care of yourself should never create guilt. Wines are just a waste of precious time that could be spent on your recovery and love of others. Taking care of yourself, you will teach your family how to do the same for yourself. You and they will benefit from having a balanced life that includes play, work, school, family time, quiet spiritual time, and time that you want to give to others.

Reap the benefits

As soon as you begin to deal with yourself, you will wonder how you lived without a golden hour. This time is important for your balance, you are able to let go of the frustration and be just yourself, and not a mom, wife or business woman. This time will allow you to be the very best person who is so important in your life. You will increase your overall well-being. When you are looking forward to your time, then your other actions seem more manageable.

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