A new life inside a woman and awareness of her

A new life inside a woman and awareness of her

The most difficult thing in life for every woman is the realization that you already have a new life. Understanding that you are pregnant, that now everything will be different. Your way of life, your thinking, your priorities will change. And, nevertheless, pregnancy is the most interesting and most important moment in the life of every woman.

Pregnancy lasts 9 months, 40 weeks, 10 obstetric months or 280 days. In this short period there is a lot of conflicting information. A woman especially increases her horizons, because she needs to learn everything about development, nutrition, bans, lifestyle in general. This is her new role, the role of mom. Collect information, analyze and understand that you are the parents and only you are responsible for your baby, for his health and development.

Now your body will change every day. Your habitual rhythm of life will be adjusted already under the child. Many will have to give up for these 9 months.

Now a woman unconsciously creates comfortable conditions for her baby, and a man for them both. But you need to understand that not every man is able to withstand all the changes in the personality of the spouse. A woman should understand that she, as before, must also care for her man.

The relationship between a woman and a man also undergoes changes. In which direction the changes will occur depends on the partners themselves. Constant conversations about the child, push a man to think about the obsession with a woman on it. And he slowly begins to look for attention and understanding on the side, with friends, delays at work, fishing, etc. Therefore, there are constant scandals, shouts, hysterics. A woman needs his man’s attention, support, but he does not.

During pregnancy, a man should show great patience, because sometimes all the hysterics occur against the background of changes with the woman herself. For her as for a man, it’s all new. If there is anything to say, it is better to express it, not to keep and save in yourself. We need to negotiate everything that starts to disturb both partners.

Pregnancy is the time when you need to learn to give in, find compromises, and conduct a dialogue between each other. Try not to demand much, for a married couple is a new stage of relations, so start to reveal yourself in a new way, be closer, more caring and tolerant.

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