A few tips on how to start your morning cheerfully

In the off-season in the morning it is especially difficult to wake up completely. People who are particularly sensitive to the weather are very aware of this. This article will consider options that will help you, even in the most gloomy morning, to become full of energy and energy.

1. To drink tea with tincture of echinacea

Almost every pharmacy sells tincture of echinacea. If you need to quickly cheer up the body and get to work, then this option is for you. However, tincture of Echinacea is an alcohol, so it is undesirable to use it, if you need to get behind the wheel, or when talking with your superiors. Just for off-season time in some pharmacies you can find a flower of echinacea, thanks to which you can brew tea for vivacity and enhance immunity.

2. Make the charge of lying on the bed

Very few people can only wake up immediately to go about their business. But do not waste time with the alarm clock, until forced to “five more minutes to lie down, take a nap a little” – it has no, no sense, no benefit. Force yourself to do a few simple, but necessary and effective movements in the bed, as if you are stretching. Also do not forget to leave a glass of water near the bed for the morning. Having drunk, you will surely feel the flow of energy and energy, and after a little warm-up in bed, you still need to support the body in the beginning of work. By the way, if you visit the site of the manufacturer of bed linen, you can choose a kit that will please you every day.

3. Develop the habit of drinking in the morning a glass of warm water and a lemon

Many already know about this advice, but who of those who heard it, adheres to this rule? A glass of warm water with a lemon will have a very beneficial effect on your digestion, and will also add courage and strength for the whole day. If you drink water every day in the morning with lemon, and not tea or coffee, then even in the coldest winters and in the rainiest autumn you will not know what cold and fatigue are. This incredibly beautiful drink will give you strength and improve your health. Try to be sure.

4. Cocktail called “vitamin bomb”

Cocktail, which contains a large number of vitamins – is a great way to cheer yourself up in the morning and keep the body in good health. For the preparation of any cocktail of this kind, it is not necessary to follow one recipe. You have the right to experiment, mix and think out for yourself. Here is an example of a cocktail, conventionally called a “vitamin bomb” – a banana, a bit of fat yogurt, you can also add a walnut, if available, and a frozen strawberry. Chop it in a blender – drink it. Use only fresh fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to add dairy products, if there is no allergy to lactose. If so, you can replace it with honey.

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